Princess Dining at Epcot – Akershus Royal Banquet Hall – Walt Disney World

With so many dining options at Walt Disney World it is not surprising that I haven’t tried them all, but this one – it was surprising.

As one of the more popular character dining spots, Akershus Royal Banquet Hall has never been on my ‘must do’ list until I happened to get a last minute reservation for dinner.

Located in Norway in Epcot, this meal is served in a medieval castle with soaring archways and cathedral ceilings, the theming is terrific.

The draw of this restaraunt is the Princesses – and it does not disappoint.

Ariel at Akershus

The Princesses are in full regal attire and come to each table to say hello and pose for pictures.

While breakfast, lunch are also available – my reservation was for dinner.  My friend Angela and I were seated quickly and began to look over the menu.

I have recently discovered a real sensitivity to garlic (I love it – but it really doesn’t love me!) so I asked the server how much garlic was in the food.  Right away he went and had the chef come out to speak to me about what options would be available.  Unfortunately many of the dishes had garlic, and Angela said they were delicious!

Dining at Akershus in Epcot

The salad was yummy and the Lefse with cinnamon butter was fun – I don’t know what Lefse is, but it was good!

Playcation Travel Request A Quote

At the end of our meal they served dessert.

Dessert at Akershus

Honestly – we were a bit full and didn’t eat much of it.

Our dinner was good – we were full, but I don’t think many people go here because the menu is calling them, it’s the character dining that draws you in.

Would I eat here again?  Absolutely!  The interaction and photo opportunities saved me hours in the parks waiting to meet them – and I got it all while having dinner!

Have you been to Akershus Royal Banquet Hall?  Did you love it?

Is Satu’li Canteen the BEST quick service food at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

Is Satu’li Canteen the BEST quick service food at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?  I guess it’s up for interpretation – but I would absolutely say it’s mine!Satuli Canteen Meal

The term “quick service” at Disney is really referring to almost “fast food” where you order, pick up the food and find a seat.  They differentiate it vs “table service” where you are seated and the food comes to you.

When you’re visitng Disney’s Animal Kingdom there are a couple of spots that I would give a nod to, but only one is my favorite – Satu’li Canteen.

Located inside Pandora – The World Of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, it’s right next to the popular attraction Flight of Passage.  I recommend eating AFTER you’ve flown on the banshee if you’re squeamish.

What’s the food like at Satu’li Canteen?

Unique.  Satu’li Canteen has a variety of dishes that don’t resemble many of the quick service options in the theme parks. There are no ‘burgers and fries’ here – but there are cheeseburger pods!

Satuli Canteen Cheeseburger Pods

This is my go-to meal, and I make a point of doing it at least once per trip.  They took it off of the menu for a while, but I’m happy to report that it’s back.

These pods are filled with ground beef and cheddar cheese.  The menu says they also have ketchup, mustard and pickle in them, but I don’t taste those flavors as much and always add extra mustard to mine.  They’re served with vegetable slaw and vegatable chips.

Satuli Canteen Chesseburger pods inside

I am normally a french fry gal, but there’s something about the balance of the chewy pod and the crunch chips – they are the perfect pairing.

satuli canteen beef bowl

My family are always raving about the bowls – they love those.  There’s a shrimp bowl, grilled beef or chicken bowl served with your choice of base and sauce.  What is impressive is they specifically call out gluten, wheat, egg, milk, peanut, fish and soy allergy friendly meals.

The kids meals have cheese quesadillas and a hot dog wrapped in dough.  We have had the hot dog when we’re there with kids and it got two thumbs up!

satuli canteen kids meal

The dessert is the other piece of this adventure that shouldn’t be skipped.  While I always say I’m going to try the Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse – I always get the Chocolate Cake instead.  I just can’t help myself!

Satuli Canteen Chocolate Cake

Of course all of the regular non-alcoholic drink options are available, but they also serve wine, beer and sangria.  I haven’t had a drink from here – I always get one next door at Pongu Pongu.

There is plenty of seating both inside and outside of Satu’li Canteen.  The dishes are served on plates with real cutlery and not plastic which makes for a nice change at a quick service and there is mobile order available too!

Have you dined at Satu’li Canteen?  Did you love it?

The drink that everyone should try at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

There’s a drink at Disney’s Animal Kingdom that is always on my ‘must get’ list when I visit the park.

While there are a lot of great options at Animal Kingdom, I really think the drinks at Pongu Pongu are the most fun.

Pongu Pongu at Animal Kingdom

Located in Pandora – The World of Avatar, this drink stand is perfectly themed for the land.  Serving Na’vi-inspired refreshments, you could easily walk by and not notice it while on your way to eat at the nearby Satu’li Canteen or when you’re heading to Flight of Passage.

My drink of choice here is the Rum Blossom:

Bacardi Superior Rum with layers of Apple and Desert Pear Limeade topped with Passion Fruit Boba Balls

Pongu Pongu Rum Blossom

Don’t worry – if you don’t want the rum you can get the Night Blossom – it’s the same drink without the rum!  

The boba balls are so fun and the drink is so refreshing on a hot day.  If you get the one with rum though, don’t drink it too fast!  They make the drinks strong at Pongu Pongu!

There are other drinks available – but the rum blossom is by far my favorite and perfect after my lunch or dinner at Satu’li Canteen.

Rum Blossom at Animal Kingdom

The boba balls are so fun!

Pongu Pongu does have some snacks like French Toast sticks at breakfast or a Pongu Lumpia for later in the day (a pineapple cream cheese spring roll).

Have you tried any of the drinks here?  You need to try them after you’ve been to Satu’li Canteen!

Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ at Disney Springs

Chef Art Smith's Homecomin'I am not a “foodie” who follows cooking shows.  I have a hard enough time not stuffing my face while sitting on my couch, so why would I watch an hour long show that akes everything look so delicious?  If you ask me, that’s a temptation that I can’t handle!

The first time my family suggested that we visit Chef Art Smith’s restaurant at Disney Springs, I had no idea who he was.  Of course they knew who he was because two of them are addicted to cooking shows and are the type of people who get excited about a new kitchen appliance.  I was worried that it would be some ‘fancy food’ – but they assured me that it was famous for fried chicken.

We arrived at Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming for our reservation.  I really liked the way the interior was laid out; it was very inviting and open.  The details and theming were impressive, you really felt like you were in someone’s home in the south with the screened in front porch.

Inside Chef Art Smith's Homecomin'

Everyone was enjoying themselves and the atmosphere when my sister took out her phone and started snapping pictures of some man.  I couldn’t figure out what she was doing, until this man came to the table and I realized that this was THE Chef Art Smith.  He was a lovely man who chatted with us and posed for pictures.  Let’s just say a few people at our table were very excited to get to meet him!

Chef Art Smith

My nephew and sister were over the moon to meet him!

I have been back to Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin at Disney Springs many times since that first visit.  When friends join us at Walt Disney World it is usually one of the places we take them to.  There is a great variety of drinks on the menu

I’m generally a beer drinker – so that’s my drink of choice

But once – we thought we were smart and tried the moonshine tasting.  Let’s just say – WOW!  It burned… a lot of it burned going down, but I can now say I’ve tried all sorts of moonshine, and I can safely say I don’t like it.

Art Smith Moonshine Taster

What I do like though is the starters.  We have tried a few including the Jasper Board (An array of Southern goodness perfect for sharing with the table. Smoked fish dip, pimento cheese, char-grilled smoked sausage, bread and butter pickles, candied pecans, and buttermilk crackers)

Art Smith Jasper Board

I’m missing the crackers in this pic

And a bunch of puppies (House-made hushpuppies served with pimento cheese and red jalapeño jelly)

Art Smith Bunch of Puppies

These were surprisingly yummy!

But my absolute favourite starter is the Church Lady Deviled Eggs

Art Smith Church Lady Deviled Eggs

At one point I thought of placing an order all to myself and skipping my main course – they were THAT good

The problem with the starters is that they are so good, you run the risk of not leaving enough room for the main course!



Yes, Art Smith is famous for the fried chicken, and with good reason.  That chicken is so moist and tender you could mash it up with a spoon if you wanted.  The skin is perfectly seasoned and yummy that I can’t NOT get the chicken when I go. The big debate is what sides you order WITH the chicken.

I usually get the fried chicken and doughnuts, because – well… where else do you get doughnuts WITH your dinner?

Art Smiths Chicken

But there are so many great side items to choose from… you could just order 3 sides?

Art Smith Side Dishes

Mac & Cheese, Biscuits and Mashed Potatoes

If you are a Mac and Cheese lover, honestly – you don’t want to miss this.  It’s SO incredibly cheesy – sometimes we’ll just order one as a side for the table we all share because we just need a couple of bites.

Art Smith Mac and Cheese

We can’t NOT get an order of Mac and Cheese

Once the main course is over, I can honestly never think about dessert.  I have taken my leftovers more times than I care to share – but I will say the chicken is great the next morning for breakfast in the room or a late night snack!

BUT – if you do have room, my friend have split the famous Hummingbird Cake

Art Smith Hummingbird Cake

The famous pineapple-banana cake with cream cheese frosting

Have you eaten here?  Did you make it to dessert or did you have to take your leftovers with you?

I’d love to hear from you how your meal was!  There are some great places to eat at Disney Springs it’s so hard to choose!


Splitsville At Disney Springs Is More Than Bowling

Splitsville at Disney Springs is more than just a bowling alley, it’s a dining experience you don’t want to miss.

I was one of those people who rolled my eyes when others suggested I go to eat at Splitsville.  I mean c’mon – it’s a bowling alley surrounded by restaurants of award winning chefs like Art Smith, Wolfgang Puck and Chef Morimoto.   Why on EARTH would I take one of my meals at Disney Springs and go to the bowling alley if I wasn’t bowling?  That made no sense to me.

Until the day my sister and I were at Disney Springs and found ourselves on the West Side just before lunch without a reservation anywhere.  It was hot, we were hungry and we had just picked up cigars for my nephew at Sosa’s after a morning of shopping.  We were all the way down at the end of the West Side and just wanted to sit, relax and have a beer.

Remembering everyone telling me that Splitsville was the place to be – I figured we would at least get a drink in there to cool off.  Why not see if they could take us?

I had never even been inside of Splitsville before and I was immediately impressed with the size!  The two floors hold 30 lanes of bowling and 5 bars, there’s even a small little gift shop with some cute souvenirs!

Splitsville Disney Springs Bar Tables

Lots of space and a great view!

We were taken upstairs to one of the bars and seated by the widow, what a view we had.  The seating was comfortable and we were impressed at how bright and spacious it was.  I know it was lunch time and it wasn’t busy, but even if it had been full – there was still lots of space between the tables.

The menu was HUGE, it was so surprising how many choices there was on this menu.  We were both hungry and I started to think there were too many choices because I couldn’t decide!  I have heard the Sushi is amazing and our server said he dines there for sushi on his days off!  But I’m not a sushi gal, so I had to find something more suitable.

Splitsville Lunch Menu at Disney Springs

The menu had SO many choices for lunch!

We ordered drinks and perused the menu – I finally decided on the buffalo chicken sandwich and my sister had the sweet and spicy chicken.  Yes – both chicken dishes, you might think a little boring.

While we were waiting for our meals I decided it was a good time to wander around and get some pics inside.  I loved seeing the families playing together, enjoying their games while nibbling on the snacks at the end of their lanes.  This would be a perfect spot for an afternoon outside of the parks to do something together as a family – they were having a LOT of laughs!

Splitsville Bowling Lane at Disney Springs

Splitsville Bowling Lane Score board

Our meals arrived at our table and they looked delicious, but so often that happens and looks are deceiving… 

Ummmm NO.  They were every bit as good as they looked and then some!

Splitsville Buffalo Sandwich

This was incredibly delicious!

My chicken sandwich was the right kind of spice, it was hot – but not burning my mouth so much that it wasn’t enjoyable.  Can I say I love crinkle cut fries too?

I had a taste of my sisters chicken too, it was so flavourful.  It was such a large serving but it was SO good that we couldn’t leave any of the chicken behind! 

Splitsville Sweet and Spicy Chicken

This chicken dish was amazing – even with the vegetables it might be on my list for next visit!

As we left we laughed about how we weren’t going to go in – and now it’s on our list of places we need to go back to.  My sister now wants to try the sushi, and I just want another bite of that chicken sandwich!

Yes – we’ll be back at Splitsville in Disney Springs.  Maybe next time we’ll actually try the bowling!  Dining and bowling are booked separately, if you want to reserve your lanes call (407) 938-7467

Splitsville Disney Springs Gift Shop

We will be back – for SURE

Have you eaten at Splitsville yet?  What did you have?

Disney’s Key Lime Pie On A Stick Review

Isn’t this pretty??

Have you tried the Key Lime Pie on a Stick yet? The last couple of trips down I missed out on this snack. When I was there in May I almost made it but they just had closed. Last week I was able to get my little hands on one of these amazing treats!!! 

Located at the Neighborhood Bakery in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Pixar Place with so many tasty treats inspired by The Incredibles. It was hard to choose between the Key Lime Pie on a stick or the Num Num Cookie. I had to go with the Key Lime Pie.

It was cold but wasn’t frozen solid but then again it was August and way to hot that day. The blue coating was colored white chocolate and fell apart when I bit into it and the graham cracker crust was firm but the Key Lime itself was not frozen. I didn’t find it to tart but there was a lot of sweet going on with the blue coating and the crust so that could be why.  I would get this again and if you like key lime pie I highly recommend you give this a try. 

The cost is $4.99 USD and if you are on a Disney Dining plan you could use a snack credit.  

Let me know if you have tried the Key Lime Pie on a Stick and what your thoughts are!  I want to hear if you loved it too!!

This was written by Anna Scott, contact her at

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Sleepy Hollow – The Hidden Gem

Sleepy Hollow with CastleSleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom can be easily overlooked.  Located just off to the left of the castle, you’re often so focused on the castle you don’t notice this little treasure!  Trust me, after looking at the menu and seeing my pictures, you’ll add this to your list of places to visit!

Located often in the shadows of Cinderella Castle, Sleepy Hollow is just inside of the entrance to Liberty Square.   A quick service location with a menu of snacky food – what could be better than that?

Dining plans are not accepted at this location, always check the official Disney pages for up to date information on inclusions and exclusions.

It’s no secret that I like to snack, I love cupcakes and all sorts of sweets!  So this fresh fruit waffle is exactly what I need!

Sleepy Hollow Waffle

Somehow with the fruit on it I feel like it’s healthy??

Honestly, the fruit just makes it feel like it should be considered a healthy option – but the chocolate spread is what kinda makes me suspect it isn’t.

If you’re looking for a little protein, there is a sweet and spicy chicken sandwich.  On a waffle… Yes – on a waffle with some slaw – and it’s as delicious as it looks.

Sleepy Hollow Chicken Waffle

The chicken was cooked perfectly!

I think you’re supposed to fold these up and eat them like a sandwhich, but they’re just too big.  We had to use a knife and fork for them – and we probably could have shared it.

For the hot dog lover in our group he had to get the pretzel dog.  He said that was good, but maybe not the best dog he’s ever tasted.  I think this place should probably be more about the waffles.  Casey’s has great hot dogs if that’s what you’re after.

Sleepy Hollow Dog

Comes with the house made chips

The menu itself is small but it’s worth stopping by.  I only wish that there was more seating in the area to enjoy the food and the view.

Sleepy Hollow Menu

Have you eaten at Sleepy Hollow?  What did you have?  That Ice Cream sandwich is calling to me!


Review – Friar’s Nook at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

The Friars NookFriar’s Nook at the Magic Kingdom has always been a place I walked by.  I may have stopped for a cold drink once in a while, but it’s never been on my list of places to eat.  I suspect it’s because I usually stop at Storybook Treats next door – they have some fantastic ice cream treats that has always lured me away from Friar’s Nook.  Until now.

Menu at Friars Nook

The Menu

Friar Nook Menu

How to choose??

Friar’s Nook had a few people mulling about before it opened and some looked like off-duty cast members.  That’s always a good sign if the cast members like it, they know where the good food is!

Bill from Friars Nook

Our bill. It was worth every penny

When the window opened I ordered 2 different ‘tot’ dishes for my sister and I.

I opted for the loaded buffalo chicken tots, and all I can say is WOW!!  These were just the right amount of spicy with a little celery, bleu cheese crumbles, and a bit of garlic ranch dressing.  Seriously, all of that together – how can you NOT love it?  It was delicious!

Loaded Buffalo Chicken Tots

Loaded Buffalo Chicken Tots

My sister decided she wanted the creamy bacon macaroni & cheese tots.  There was a healthy amount of bacon and the macaroni was cooked well and not drowning in sauce.  It was very tasty!

Mac and Cheese Tots

Creamy Bacon Macaroni & Cheese

If you haven’t tried the food at Friar’s Nook, I suggest you do.  I loved the buffalo chicken, but next time I might even try the loaded fiesta tots – they are ground beef chili, tomatoes and peppers – on TOTS!  I love all kinds of potatoes, so a place that’s all about tots is my kinda place!

Have you eaten here?  What dish is your favourite?


Three Must-Try Treats at the Roaring Fork at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort

Roaring Fork CupcakeMy family and I spent Christmas of 2017 at Walt Disney World Resort, staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. We had such an amazing time together on that vacation, we’d do it again in a heartbeat. We rode attractions together, wandered around the properties admiring all of the festive decorations and swam in the resort pool. My husband and I even got to have a couple of Disney date nights while our son enjoyed time at one of the kids’ clubs.

In addition to all of this family fun, one of the great pleasures of our visit to Walt Disney World Resort was indulging in the many snacks and treats. While it was never a problem finding something delicious to eat, deciding where to take our meal breaks was sometimes a challenge!

On our last evening at Walt Disney World Resort, we decided to hop on a water taxi from Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park over to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge to check out the grounds and have our quick service meal there.

The counter service restaurant at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is called The Roaring Fork, and there we found more than just dinner. We found a whole bunch of amazing snacks and treats to try! With extra snack credits left to burn, we each chose a few special treats to try.

Here are just a few of our favourite goodies from Roaring Fork at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort. The Roaring Fork menu calls these “assorted pastries” or “house-made desserts.”

Roaring Fork_Maple_Bacon

My husband Graham picked his maple bacon donut. Yes, this donut has actual crispy bacon “sprinkles” on top of a glazed maple-flavoured donut! When my husband saw this, he said “I’ve got to try it!” We all shared.

Roaring Fork_Classic Donut

Our son Nate chose this classic donut with icing and Mickey sprinkles. Yummy!

Roaring Fork_Campfire_Cupcake

My pick was this super cute chocolate campfire cupcake. With its flames made of icing and a mini-marshmallow to roast, I couldn’t resist! Yes, we ate the whole thing!

What is your favourite place to try new Disney snacks and desserts?


Amy Urquhart

Amy Urquhart

Amy is a former Disney Cruise Line Cast Member, Vacation Specialist and Certified Cruise Counsellor at Pure Magic Vacations. She lives and works from home in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada with her handsome hubby Graham and her son Nate. The three of them love to travel to Walt Disney World together every chance they get!  She blogs at Amy at Pure Magic Vacations.

The Grand Floridian Cafe Review Walt Disney World

Grand Floridian Cafe SeatingDining options at Walt Disney World can be totally overwhelming.  If you’re a first time (or repeat visitor) it can feel a little stressful making sure you get those must-have reservations.  If you spend any time online in Facebook groups or reading some of the sites that create the hype – you would think that your vacation will be ruined if you don’t get the coveted Be Our Guest, Cinderella’s Royal Table or Chef Mickey reservation.  Nothing could be further from the truth!

It is incredible how many delicious places there are to eat at Walt Disney World, and some of my favourite Disney table services are the ones that you can typically get reservations for at the last minute.  These places are like the best kept secrets – and I’m now going to tell you about one, the Grand Floridian Cafe.

This overlooked restaurant sits next to the entrance to 1900 Park Fare, but it is often not even noticed in the hustle to get to the character dining.  It is elegant, yet unpretentious and you’re welcome to dine in your park attire.  It’s casual, yet classy – with the roses on the table and great views of the grounds, the atmosphere is relaxed and warm.

Grand Floridian Cafe Rose

I have eaten at the Grand Floridian Cafe a few times now, and have never NOT enjoyed my meal.  I’ve had breakfast once, but dinner multiple times and am often conflicted about booking a breakfast and dinner on the same trip at the same restaurant.  #TooManyGoodChoices

The dinner menu at the Grand Floridian Cafe has quite a variety of dishes.  From steak to meatloaf, salmon or grits, there is something for everyone.   We took our time enjoying our drinks with the bread and butter while deciding on the menu.

Grand Floridian Cafe

My friends decided on the sirloin and scallops and miso-glazed salmon

rand Floridian Cafe Steak and Scallops

Sirloin and Scallops


Grand Floridian Cafe Salmon


I had to have the buttermilk fried chicken.  It just sounds delicious – buttermilk fried chicken, doesn’t it sound mouth watering?  Well – I can tell you, it WAS very tasty!  It was so juicy, but seasoned and crispy on the outside.  There was even KALE on the plate, and I ate it.. which if you knew me, you would know that it must have been REALLY good for me to eat the kale!

Grand Floridian Cafe Chicken

Buttermilk chicken

When the waiter came by to show us the dessert menu, we all said we couldn’t… but then we did.  The menu had a dessert sampler for 2 – but there were 4 desserts and 4 of us.  It worked out perfectly that we each wanted a different one!   We were stuffed, but managed to eat our individual desserts as they were the perfect size for just a little taste.

Grand Floridian Cafe Desserts

The dessert sampler

Next time I’ll make sure to leave more room for a full size dessert, because I do love my desserts!  Maybe I should cut out the salad starter?  That would help…

Looking for a hidden gem quick service?  Check out this place here.



B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co At Disney Springs

BB Wolf's B.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co at Disney Springs was one of those places that I knew I had to try,  The problem with Disney Springs is that there are too many great places to eat and snack, that I rarely find myself ready for something spontaneous when I have passed this particular kiosk.  I decided I had to make a trip to Disney Springs just to TRY this place given that my Facebook followers had encouraged it!

So I don’t know HOW it went right over my head, but BB Wolf’s?  Big Bad Wolf’s that serves 3 Little Pigs?  Ya, I’m ashamed to admit it – but it never clicked!

The kiosk is located at the end of the bridge closer to Paddlefish and almost across from the Lego store.  It’s important to note that finding a place to eat your food could be challenging on a busy night as there no dedicated area for BB Wolf’s seating.  We were there in the afternoon, so we managed to grab a table right across from the kiosk that had an umbrella.  I don’t particularly like eating outside, especially when it’s hot, but this was more of a snack than a meal.

BB Wolf's Menu

I was travelling with a friend who really loves hot dogs, so it wasn’t difficult to convince him that we should eat here.   I wanted to try the basic hot dog – no frills, no salad – just a good old fashioned hot dog that I could compare to the ones I like at Cosmic Rays.

BB Wolf Hot Dog

All Beef Quarter Pound Hot Dog

The hot dog was good – but the only ‘toppings’ available were mustard and ketchup.  No relish, onions, tomatoes, pickles – nothing extra.  While I’m a bit of a plain eater – this was a bit too plain for me.

My friends decided to be a bit more adventurous and tried the Greek Dog and the trio.

The Greek Dog

The feedback on the Greek Dog was that it was a salad – on a hot dog.  There was plenty of salad on the dog, in fact they could have just eaten the salad itself.

3 Little Pigs Trio

The Trio was different, plenty of toppings on each and the house made pickles were delicious.  I know that they have switched up what type of dogs are in the trio from time to time – so it’s best to check the menu when you arrive to see if they are something you might like.

For us – the hot dogs were okay, but I wouldn’t be racing back for them.  What I WOULD make sure I get to have again is the House Made Pretzel Braid.  It is served with cheese fondue and mustard, and was awesome!

The Pretzel Braid with cheese fondue

This was something I could happily snack on while roaming around Disney Springs, something to fill the gap before a dinner reservation.  This way I can save the Sprinkles Cupcake for after dinner!

Have you eaten at B.B. Wolf’s?  What did you think?


Satu’li Canteen Review At Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Pandora – The World Of Avatar

blueberry cream cheese mousseOn our visit to Pandora we had to have lunch at Satu’li Canteen.  We were there early enough to do breakfast, but I really wanted the lunch menu so we waited until they started serving lunch.

When we arrived at the Satu’li Canteen I was immediately impressed with the amount of seating offered, there were plenty of tables available both inside and out.  The theming was detailed, showcasing Na’vi artwork and different items, but since I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie – some of these details were lost on me.

The line and ordering stations are similar to other quick service restaurants around the parks with the cashier in the middle with a line on either side.  After you pay, you step up to the window to collect your order.  There is also Mobile Ordering available at this location.  You can read more about that here.

Satuli Canteen Quick Serve Ordering

For lunch we both knew that we had to try some kind of bao bun.  I opted for the cheeseburger (of course) while Becky had the vegetable curry.

My cheeseburger pod was filled with ground beef, ketchup, mustard, pickle, and cheddar cheese

Becky’s vegetable curry had eggplant, cauliflower, sweet potato, carrots, and shallot cilantro cream

Satuli Pods

Both of our dishes were served with vegetable slaw and vegatable chips.

Normally I can’t eat a burger without french fries (aren’t they mandatory??) – but these chips were good!  The pod was a little chewy so the crunchy chips were a great balance.   The slaw was light and a bit tangy, somehow it all just worked together!

Inside Satuli Pod

Becky enjoyed her curry as well, but when I tasted it – it was a bit too much curry for me.

The portions were really big, but we had to have dessert (how could we not?).

Satuli Chocolate Cake

I had the chocolate cake while Becky had the blueberry cream cheese mousse.

blueberry cream cheese mousse

Both were good, but the chocolate ‘cake’ seemed less like a cake and more like a mousse.  The blueberry one was light and delicious and of course so pretty that you wanted to take multiple pictures of it!

Would I recommend Satu’li Canteen?  Yes.  It’s a great atmosphere, different food from elsewhere in the park and it’s good.

Have you been?  What did you have?


Mobile Food Ordering At Walt Disney World

Mobile Food Ordering WDWMobile ordering quick service food at Walt Disney World has really improved meal time for me!

One of my biggest pet peeves was always having to wait in a HUGE line for a “quick service” meal.  It hardly felt like “quick service” when I had to stand in line for 15 minutes just to order.  Yes, you can avoid the lines if you don’t eat lunch at 12 or dinner at 5, but what happens if I’m hungry at noon?  Now I can order it from my phone and avoid those lines!

At select Walt Disney World quick service locations, you can pre-order your meal on the My Disney Experience app right from your smartphone.  I had the opportunity to try it when we ate at Satu’li Canteen in Pandora at Animal Kingdom and I have to say – I LOVE it!

Technology is a great thing – when it works.  I was a little hesitant trying this since there wasn’t much of a line and I was really hungry, but thought I’d give it a go for research purposes!

Selecting my meal

It allowed me to select my sides, sauces etc.

Adding dessert

So far so good. 

Payment screen

Payment was done right on my Visa that is linked in my Disney account.

Let them know I’m here to start preparing my order

When you select the “I’m Here, Prepare My Order” option – they start preparing your meal.  

Then you wait….

Order is ready confirmation in the app

The notification was in the app – but it also gave me an ‘alert’ notification on my iPhone too!

iPhone alert

And lunch was served!  It was a great experience, no lines.- quick food.  What more could I ask for?  Maybe that they roll it out at more locations in the parks AND resorts?

Satuli Pods

Have you tried mobile ordering yet?  Was it as easy to use as it was for me?


California Grill Brunch Review

Charcutterie at California GrillBunch at Disney’s California Grill was on my wish list of new things to do. On a recent trip I had the opportunity to book reservations, so I knew I had to try it.

Dinner at California Grill is one of my favorites. Since I had such a good experience having brunch at Narcoosee’s – I figured this one had to be equally as good.

When we arrived, there was an entire section of the bar with mimosas waiting. Little did we know that these were bottomless and soon found out that our waiter would be bringing us new ones before the first one was done.

Mimosa at California Grill

There was a bloody mary bar available for an additional cost if that was your choice of drink. While they looked delicious, we decided to stick with our mimosas.

Bloody Mary Bar at California Grill Brunch

Bloody Mary Bar

We reviewed the menu to make our entree selections.  My sister Becky selected the Chef’s Frittata and I chose the Grilled Hanger Steak.

Once our entrée order was placed, we were able to visit the self-serve stations. There was real variety of things to choose from.

Becky’s self-serve selections

I’m not a fan of seafood, so I tasted everything that I thought I might like. The food was good, really flavorful and visually appealing.

California Grill Self Serve Plate

My first plate from the self-serve options

When our entrees arrived, I was regretting having the second helping of bread and mimosas, but I powered through. My steak was delicious, cooked exactly as I had asked with no pink in it.

Grilled Hanger Steak at California Grill

Grilled Hanger Steak – Two Eggs-Any Style, Chimichurri, Marble Potato Hash, Charred Red Onion

Becky enjoyed her frittata and said the potatoes were exceptional.

Frittata at California Grill

Frittata – Three Lake Meadow Farms Eggs, Heirloom Tomatoes, Roasted Poblanos, Chorizo, creamy Goat Cheese, and Marble Potato Hash

We took a small break before ordering tea and waited for our dessert plate to come. If you’ve read my blog before, you know I’m a huge fan of dessert – but I have to admit, I was underwhelmed.

Brunch Dessert at California Grill

The plate didn’t look as yummy as the dinner dessert does. While I tasted everything on the plate, there was nothing that made me say “wow, I need to have that again”.

When the bill arrived our total for brunch was $165 USD including our Tables in Wonderland discount.

Since I’m a gal who is all about dessert, Narcoosee’s was my favorite of the two, based solely on the desserts.  I think on my next trip I’ll save California Grill for dinner so that I can enjoy the Chocolate Pudding Cake.

Check out the video below for a walk through of Brunch at California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort


Have you tried brunch at California Grill?  Leave us a comment below and let us know what you thought!


Disney’s Beaches and Cream Review

Pixie Dust Fan Kitchen SinkTucked away behind the spectacular pool at Disney’s Beach Club resort is Beaches and Cream Soda Shop.

This very small location is home to the very big dessert – the Kitchen Sink. While many people visit just for the ice cream, my travel companions and I decided to have lunch as well.

Beaches and Cream Milk ShakeWhen we arrived I was shocked at how small it was inside. I had walked past it before, but had never gone in. The tables were quite close together and we were seated at what I thought was a pretty small table for the 4 of us. Since we’re good friends, this wasn’t an issue, but it was a bit snug when our food came.
Ron started things off by ordering a milk shake while the rest had pop and water. The milkshake looked so good that we knew this was the place to be for anything ice cream related. He was pretty happy with it.

A couple of us had burgers while the other two had beef melts.   I have to say that for an Ice Cream/Soda Shop I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed my burger and fries. But let’s be serious, we were there for one mission, to defeat the kitchen sink.

Beaches and Cream Patty Melt Beaches and Cream Burger

Being a Disney ‘foodie’ who loves desserts, I had researched this dessert many times. I had seen the pictures and videos and figured that the 4 of us could handle it.

Maybe it was because we were sitting at a little table, but I could not believe how big this sink was! It was overflowing with ice cream, cake, whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate, even Oreo cookies!   The spoon that they gave us to scoop it out to our plates was huge and when you dove in, you weren’t sure what goodness you find in it.

Beaches and Cream Kitchen Sink.

We dug in, and we gave it our best effort, but in the end – the kitchen sink beat us. We just couldn’t do it, we probably all ate more than we should have, but we couldn’t finish it.  It really doesn’t look so appetizing at the end.

Kitchen Sink After

After that we took a leisurely stroll back to our room at the Beach Club to relax and let our tummies settle. I think we all agreed that Beaches and Cream was a new favorite for when we’re in the mood for ice cream.

Would I try it again? Absolutely!  Would I assume that we could finish it? Not a chance! I think next time I go I’ll have more realistic expectations of how much ice cream 4 people can consume!



Paddlefish Appetizer Review at Disney Springs

Disney Springs PaddlefishWe were very lucky when we arrived at Paddlefish at Disney Springs, it was early afternoon and they had seating available for us. I was stunned at the inside and how beautiful it was. The views from the dining room we were seated in were gorgeous. We had a great view of the water and Saratoga Springs in the background.
When we sat down at our table and looked at the menu, I had a feeling we might be there for a while! Drinks were ordered (including the Captain Handsome) and we started the debate about what to eat.

When looking at the appetizers, we struggled. There was too much ‘goodness’ that we couldn’t decide what to have. What appetizers would we skip to make sure we had room for the main course? The answer was simple really, let’s just have appetizers! The waitress came and askedPaddlefish Restaurant Appetizers if we had decided on an appetizer, we said “no, we can’t… so we’ll just have to try them all”.

When the food came to the table, I couldn’t help but start to wonder if I might like seafood after all? The beef skewers and fried green tomatoes were supposed to be what I would eat, but everything looked so good!!

We took our time savoring the flavors of all of the dishes, they were all delicious!

The beef skewers were tender and full of flavor, the pickled onions were a nice pairing with them.

Paddlefish Captain HandsomeWhile I didn’t have the crab cake, my dining companions raved about it! They said the amount of crab in it was surprising. The fried green tomato that came with the crab cake was thicker than the ones that came as the stand-alone appetizer. The batter on the tomatoes was the right amount of crispy and didn’t dilute the flavor of the tomato.

Calamari isn’t my thing, but judging from the “oh wow” and “this is delicious” coming from the table, the calamari was a hit.

The lobster corn dogs were another favorite of the table. The sweet chili aioli was the perfect dip to go with them and added just a little kick.

The biggest surprise was the crab fries. While these fries had crab on them, I had to try. The crab was so big and easy enough to see that I could pick around it. My dining companions assured me that the crab was delicious, but I was in love with the fries and the louie dressing! Salted to perfection and still crispy after sitting under all of that crab, these fries will not disappoint.

Sadly, there was no room for dessert (and I always have room for dessert!). The portions were so big and the food so filling that the four of us couldn’t manage another bite. We had dinner reservations at Homecoming, and we didn’t want to spoil that either.

I should point out that Paddlefish would be a great place to go in the evenings. We took a tour of the deck and bar upstairs, I can only imagine how awesome it is in the evening. Don’t forget to check out the bathrooms as well – I loved how they had all of the different types of knots on the walls.

Would I go back to Paddlefish? Absolutely. Would my seafood loving companions recommend the actual seafood? There was a big resounding YES from all of them!


Yak & Yeti Dinner Review at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Yak & Yeti Animal KingdomIf you have read my blogs before, you know that I’m a bit of a picky eater who loves desserts. As I get older, I find that I’m a little more adventurous with the restaurants I will try, which is of great delight to my travel companions.   After eating at the Coral Reef in Epcot and having to order the seafood pasta without the seafood, I realized that there is always something on the menu for me anywhere at Walt Disney World.

This time the adventure led us to the Yak & Yeti at Animal Kingdom.   We would normally grab lunch at the Flametree BBQ and be gone before dinner, this time we were staying late to see the Rivers of Light. We made dinner reservations at the Yak & Yeti and I was looking forward to trying a new place.

Yak & Yeti InteriorWhen we arrived I realized that I had walked past this restaurant every visit and never paid much attention to it, little did I know how gorgeous it was inside.

The restaurant holds the story of Arjun, a rich merchant who has fallen on hard times and has turned his home in to the Yak & Yeti hotel. The artifacts that are displayed throughout are ones that Arjun collected during his travels of Southeast Asia.   There is more to the story that you can read when you arrive, but the last line “It is a place to immerse yourself in a culture that is mysterious, exotic and exciting” describes it perfectly.

Yak and Yeti Dining RoomDining at Walt Disney World can sometimes be as much about the surroundings as it is the food itself. We enjoyed looking at the artifacts and taking in the surroundings, we were hopeful the food was just as good. We reviewed the menu and made our choices.


Becky and Lorraine both ordered the Malaysian Seafood Curry. They both raved about this dish and couldn’t believe how much seafood there was. I can tell you there was about 5 minutes when they both kept “finding” seafood in it even when they thought they couldn’t eat
another bite.Yak and Yeti Seafood Curry
Ron had the Kalbi Steak & Coconut Shrimp. He said that it was delicious and even loved the wasabi mashed potatoes and the vegetables.Yak and Yeti Steak and Shrimp

My choice for dinner was the Korean BBQ Ribs. While I’m normally not a big fan of ribs (I don’t like to bite meat off of a bone), I thought I’d give it a try and I wasn’t disappointed. The meat was so tender that I could use my knife and fork; the meat literally fell off of the bone. The serving was so big that I could share some of it with the others and they all agreed it was amazing.

Yak and Yeti Ribs

When the dessert menu came, we didn’t think any of us could eat another bite. Then I saw it – the Chocolate Pudding Cake with raspberry sauce. I had to try it, it sounded like a chocolate lovers dream – and it was! Yes, it was really rich, but if you like chocolate like I do, you don’t want to pass this up.


The Yak & Yeti was a great choice for dinner that night, and will be a dining reservation we will make again!

Have you eaten at the Yak & Yeti? What did you think?



Contempo Cafe Review – Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Contempo Cafe Contemporary Resort
The Contemporary Resort is one of my favorites, the atmosphere, the location, the theming, the restaraunts – everything is just perfect.

One of the hidden gems that doesn’t seem to get much credit though is the quick service!  Everyone is so busy trying to get reservations at Chef Mickey or California Grill that they overlook the fact that the Contempo Café is a great quick service option!

Here are my top 3 reasons I love the Contempo Café:

  1. Location

Being in the Contemporary resort you are on the monorail line.  It’s a great place to stop in on your way in or out of the Magic Kingdom.  Sometimes in the afternoon during the hustle and bustle, we jump on the monorail or walk over for a quick snack.

  1. The View

Contemporary Resort Mary Blair MuralWho doesn’t want to sit and watch monorails go by?  I could sit there for hours watching them come and go.  The other benefit is to stare in awe at the 90 foot mural that is a tribute to the Grand Canyon.  The mural was created by Disney legend Mary Blair who was also responsible for many different creative projects including It’s a Small World.   Legend has it that Mary Blair put a 5 legged goat in the mural because nothing is perfect.  See if you can spot it!  It took me years to find it!

  1. The Food!

The ordering system is fairly quick at the Contempo Café.  You select your desserts, bottled drinks and premade salads and take them with you to the counter.  You order your meal and are given a small pager to put on your table (or a big A shaped thing if they run out of the pagers).   When your food is ready, it is brought to your table.  The seating area is always clean with cast members tidying up as people leave.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, we have always been happy with the food here.  It’s reasonably priced, decent variety and quite yummy!    We have done both dine in and take out and never been disappointed.  They have great desserts and adult beverages (beer and wine) if you fancied.

It’s a terrific spot to cool down and relax a little outside of the parks.  You can check out the menu here for a full list of what’s available.

Have you eaten at the Contempo Cafe?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!



Be Our Guest Breakfast Review – Worth The Price?

Be Our Guest Magic KingdomI love Be Our Guest restaurant at the Magic Kingdom, I think it’s one of the best themed places on property.  It really does make you feel like you’re right inside the movie and that at any moment, Belle and the Beast could take a twirl right there in the ballroom.

But what about the food?  It is a restaurant after all…

I have done dinner and lunch many times and always enjoyed the food, today was my second time doing breakfast and I have to say, I was very underwhelmed.

We were handed our menu outside and we debated what we would order.  My sister and I both decided that we were fairly hungry and got the same thing – the Feast a la Gaston.  It was scrambled eggs, bacon, chicken sausage, roasted potatoes and fresh fruit.  A similar offering to what I had at the Contempo Café the day before.   It came with a drink, but to my surprise the cast member said they did not offer bottled water – so we settled on a milk and a hot tea.  (The menu online says they have water – but this cast member said they didn’t).

The total cost was $51.12 USD for the two of us.  We were okay with that, we knew it was going to be a good breakfast so it was worth the splurge.

We took our seats in the dining room and waited for our breakfast to arrive.   Thanks to our Magic Bands – the cast member would find
us wherever we sat and bring our meals.  There are 3 distinct dining rooms to choose from, the Grand Ballroom, the West Wing and the Castle Gallery.  We have eaten in the first two multiple times so we choose the Castle Gallery for breakfast.
When our meal arrived, we were a little ‘underwhelmed’ by the presentation.  It was a rather large plate for the food that was on it.  The eggs were well cooked (which is good since I don’t like runny eggs), but the bacon was a little
lightly done for my liking.  I have never had chicken sausage before – and I can safely say I won’t again, I really didn’t care for that.  The potatoes were potatoes – nothing spectacular, but okay.

I like pastries generally, but this pastry dish didn’t blow me away.  There was a croissant, apple danish, a couple of mini muffins and a chocolate croissant.  We tasted each one for research purposes of course, but definitely weren’t fighting over them.

At the end of our breakfast we both agreed – we wouldn’t be doing breakfast again.  Maybe the food at lunch and dinner is so good that our expectations were too high?  Don’t get me wrong, we love the atmosphere of dining at Be Our Guest and ANY meal is a good opportunity to see inside this incredible theming in the Magic Kingdom.    If you were going for the food, I would recommend lunch or dinner and skip breakfast reservation.


Narcoossee’s Brunch Review

Narcoossees Brunch DessertNarcoossee’s is a fantastic dining spot at Disney’s Grand Floridian resort.  We had never eaten there so we decided it was time to check it out!

We opted to try brunch at Narcoossee’s rather than a dinner.  With me being a picky eater, the seafood dinner menu didn’t really appeal to me.  When we arrived, we were seated next to the window for a fantastic view!  Directly across the water was Disney’s Contemporary Resort and we could watch the monorails and boats.  It was a bit overcast that day – but it didn’t take away from the view!

We started with our Mimosas while we reviewed the menu, there was quite a selection!  The pastry basket arrived and we nibbled on the croissants, Danish, muffins and sticky buns.  How would we have room for a meal?

For appetizers I had the salad and my sister had the onion soup, both were tasty.  Becky loves the soup at Be Our Guest, but she said this was almost better!

We enjoyed the view and had another mimosa each while we waited for the main courses.  I had the steak and eggs while Becky had the Narcoossees Eggs BenedictLobster-Egg Benedict (she got her seafood after all!).

My steak was cooked to perfection.  I didn’t think I could eat that much, but it was too good to leave any on the plate.  The fries with Truffle Aioli were delicious – even paired with my scrambled eggs!  Becky thoroughly enjoyed her Lobster-Egg Benedict and said there was plenty of lobster and was so flavorful.  I don’t think either of us left much on the plate.

Of course this is the part of the meal where you think “I can’t believe I ate all that, we’re not eating again until tomorrow!” while you decide if you have a pair of shorts at the resort with an elastic waist … then the waiter comes with dessert!  That’s right – a full dessert plate placed in front of us.  It had a Valencia blood orange bar, triple chocolate cake, lemon blueberry timbale and a white chocolate Minnie Mouse.

We looked at each other, sighed, and then picked up our forks.  This dessert looked WAY too good to pass up, even if it meant we’d have to buy bigger shorts, we had to try them.  They were all good, I loved the chocolate the best.  We didn’t eat the Minnie as we thought that would have been gluttonous!

We paid $69 USD each for the brunch (which I would normally never do), but it was worth it.  There were plenty of choices for me and the food was incredible, I think we may do this again.  Next time though, we’re not eating dinner the night before!

Have you eaten at Narcoossee’s?  Did you enjoy it as much as we did?  Leave us a comment below!

Narcoossees Narcoossees InsideNarcoossees SaladNarcoossees SoupNarcoossees MimosaNarcoossees PastriesNarcoossees Steak and eggs

Sprinkles Cupcakes at Disney Springs

Sprinkles Cupcakes Disney SpringsI’ve written many blogs about my favorite sweet treats at Walt Disney World, yes I’m a sugar addict!  I love cupcakes and was very disappointed about my favorite being removed from the Cheshire Café.  Even though there are many different cupcakes available at Walt Disney World, I was intrigued to find out about a new cupcake shop at Disney Springs.

My first view of Sprinkles was a little negative – I was not impressed with the line up outside of the store where I had to wait in 100-degree heat to get inside to order.   I studied the menu while I waited, but I knew what I wanted – the salty caramel.  My sister was opting for the key lime and we were anxious to try them.   When we finally made it inside (after a good 20 minutes in line) the customer at the register was still debating was flavor she wanted!   After 20 minutes in line, she got to the counter and proceeded to have a 10 minute conversation asking for input from the staff about what she should order!  I was losing my patience, but decided I had waited this long I may as well get them as I would never come back to get more.

I ordered our cupcakes and had them boxed up because we were just too hot and cranky.  We took them back to our resort (Saratoga Springs) and put them in the fridge for later.

Sprinkles Chocolate CupcakeWhen we finally got around to eating our cupcakes, I couldn’t believe it – they were delicious!!  It was the perfect mixture of sweetness with a hint of salt in the icing and the cake was moist and light.  This was honestly one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten!

A couple of days later I found myself back in line at Sprinkles, I just had to have another.  This time we were smart and got 2 each to take back to the resort.  There is no doubt that this will be a ‘must visit’ on my Disney vacations going forward, but hopefully the lines will be shorter next time. Now if only I could figure out how to bring some cupcakes home to Toronto without ruining them….

Have you tried Sprinkles?  What did you think?

Cupcake ATM Sprinkles Selection

Morimoto and the Picky Eater

Morimoto Disney SpringsBeing that my family is from Scotland, I grew up on a healthy diet of meat and potatoes.   Dinner at my house was roast beef and chips, fish and chips, mince and potatoes, steak pie and mashed potatoes – you get the idea, it’s not a meal without potatoes.  I was the picky eater in the family, but my sister Becky has always been much more adventurous with food and really wanted to try Morimoto.  I figured if I didn’t like it, I could always grab a burger somewhere after.

We decided to go for lunch and when we arrived were one of the first in the restaurant.  It is gorgeous inside and the high ceilings and chandeliers were breathtaking.  When we were seated and handed our menus I knew we would have to try a couple of the appetizers – after all, if you’re going to dine here, you may as well get the full experience!

Morimoto RibsWe ordered the ribs and chicken wings for appetizers and I think they set our expectations REALLY high.  The ribs were amazing; I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything like it.  I normally don’t eat ribs (I don’t like to have to pick meat off of a bone), but I could eat these with just a fork.  The meat literally fell off of the bone; it was spiced perfectly and was full of flavor.  The seasoning on the chicken wings was subtle and they were nice and crispy – just the way we like them!  We were anxious to get our entrees because we knew they would be delicious!

I ordered the chicken and noodles while Becky had the Shrimp Pad Tai.  My chicken was a little overcooked and chewy, but the noodles were awesome.  They almost knocked my top noodles from O’hana out of their spot!  Becky said there was tons of shrimp in hers and it was the best tofu she had ever tasted.  All in all, we were pretty happy with our meals.

For dessert I had to have the churro with chocolate sauce.  They brought me a package of chocolate sauce and I have to be honest, I Morimoto Churrowasn’t sure what I was supposed to do?  Do I drizzle it on top?  Eat it with a knife and fork?  Or do I put the chocolate sauce on my plate and hold the churro with my fingers and dip it in?  I even asked the waitress (who thought I was nuts) and then told me she’d seen people eat it all different ways.  I opted for using my fingers, why not?  The churros were nice and warm and a really good sweet option for the end of my meal.

Becky opted for the Chocolate Cream and Crunch dessert that the waitress recommended.  The waitress was right, and she loved it and said the gelato was amazing.

Overall we were happy with our lunch at Morimoto.  There were things on the menu that I could eat, and Becky was happy she got to experience it.  We talked about visiting Morimoto again, but next time we will focus on the appetizers and order more ribs!

Morimoto Main Course Morimoto Main Course Chicken Inside Morimoto Inside Morimoto Disney Springs Morimoto Table Morimoto Menu

D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs

D-Luxe Burger and FriesIt was an eventful day for us, up at 3 to get ready for our flight to Orlando.  We arrived at Saratoga Springs around noon and relaxed for a bit before heading to Disney Springs.  We weren’t sure what we were going to have for dinner, but we were starving so we knew it had to be something ‘hearty’.

We made our way over to D-Luxe Burger in Disney Springs after hearing how big the burgers were.  We figured that the appetites we had, we would have no problem with the giant burgers.

I ordered the Classic Cheeseburger with Fries and my Sister Becky ordered the Southern Classic Burger with fries.  We paid with our dining plan and waited for our buzzer to go off.

The good news is that at 4:30 on a Saturday there wasn’t a big line.  There were seats available, but they were all outside.  We selected our table and waited.

When the food was ready (fairly quickly I might add) I picked up the bags and headed to our table.  I then realized they had forgot my D-Luxe Southern Classic Burgerbottle of water – no biggie – I went back and they gave me one.

We opened the burgers and were shocked at the size – they were HUGE!  The fries came with dipping sauce and we both preferred the chipotle mayo vs. the buffalo blue cheese.

We both started eating, the first bite was good – but there was a LOT of grease.  If you knew me, you would know that I love greasy food – but this was a little over the top.  The second bite brought more grease and it was downhill from there.

The fries were okay, mainly because of the dipping sauce.  They were good, just nothing special.

I’m normally someone who loves ANYTHING when I’m really hungry – but this time it didn’t work.   We both left two thirds of our burgers and fries and decided this would NOT be on our list of ‘must do’ places at Disney Springs.Red Velvet Burger Macaron

The bright side was the Red Velvet Burger Macaron that we got for dessert.  My brain was a little confused by this sweetness that looked like a burger – but my taste buds really enjoyed the sweet delight.  Okay – so maybe I’d go back to D-Luxe for one of those!

Cheshire Café Walt Disney World – What’s On The Menu?

Cheshire Cafe Cupcake Walt Disney WorldThe Cheshire Cafe in the Magic Kingdom has always been a great place for snacks, but when they change the menu, it’s disappointing!

A couple of years ago I discovered something that was exactly what my sweet tooth had been looking for.  I have a love of sugar (which is evident by my growing waist line!) and I love cupcakes.  The cupcakes at Walt Disney World usually have a good heaping dollop of icing on top.  While these cupcakes are delicious, there was one in particular that really got the ratio of icing vs. cake right!  It was the ‘cake cup’ that was once served at the Cheshire Café in the Magic Kingdom.

I had the opportunity to try both the Cheshire Cupcake (vanilla) and the Mad Hatter Mocha one.   I am a huge fan of all things chocolate – the vanilla was surprisingly my favorite!  The first time I tried it, I was in heaven.  It was a lot of sugar – so my sister and I shared one on our subsequent visits.   It was now on my list of ‘must have’ snacks in the Magic Kingdom.

I’m not sure why – but the Cheshire café stopped selling these lovely treats.  I don’t know why they did – I can just tell you that I miss them!  I have to chalk this one up to a ‘Why Disney?  WHY?’ decision that I will never understand.  If someone in food services at Disney is reading this, can you bring them back?  Pretty please?  While I like Sprinkles – I don’t want to have to go to Disney Springs for a good cupcake!