Splitsville at Disney Springs is more than just a bowling alley, it’s a dining experience you don’t want to miss.

I was one of those people who rolled my eyes when others suggested I go to eat at Splitsville.  I mean c’mon – it’s a bowling alley surrounded by restaurants of award winning chefs like Art Smith, Wolfgang Puck and Chef Morimoto.   Why on EARTH would I take one of my meals at Disney Springs and go to the bowling alley if I wasn’t bowling?  That made no sense to me.

Until the day my sister and I were at Disney Springs and found ourselves on the West Side just before lunch without a reservation anywhere.  It was hot, we were hungry and we had just picked up cigars for my nephew at Sosa’s after a morning of shopping.  We were all the way down at the end of the West Side and just wanted to sit, relax and have a beer.

Remembering everyone telling me that Splitsville was the place to be – I figured we would at least get a drink in there to cool off.  Why not see if they could take us?

I had never even been inside of Splitsville before and I was immediately impressed with the size!  The two floors hold 30 lanes of bowling and 5 bars, there’s even a small little gift shop with some cute souvenirs!

Splitsville Disney Springs Bar Tables

Lots of space and a great view!

We were taken upstairs to one of the bars and seated by the widow, what a view we had.  The seating was comfortable and we were impressed at how bright and spacious it was.  I know it was lunch time and it wasn’t busy, but even if it had been full – there was still lots of space between the tables.

The menu was HUGE, it was so surprising how many choices there was on this menu.  We were both hungry and I started to think there were too many choices because I couldn’t decide!  I have heard the Sushi is amazing and our server said he dines there for sushi on his days off!  But I’m not a sushi gal, so I had to find something more suitable.

Splitsville Lunch Menu at Disney Springs

The menu had SO many choices for lunch!

We ordered drinks and perused the menu – I finally decided on the buffalo chicken sandwich and my sister had the sweet and spicy chicken.  Yes – both chicken dishes, you might think a little boring.

While we were waiting for our meals I decided it was a good time to wander around and get some pics inside.  I loved seeing the families playing together, enjoying their games while nibbling on the snacks at the end of their lanes.  This would be a perfect spot for an afternoon outside of the parks to do something together as a family – they were having a LOT of laughs!

Splitsville Bowling Lane at Disney Springs

Splitsville Bowling Lane Score board

Our meals arrived at our table and they looked delicious, but so often that happens and looks are deceiving… 

Ummmm NO.  They were every bit as good as they looked and then some!

Splitsville Buffalo Sandwich

This was incredibly delicious!

My chicken sandwich was the right kind of spice, it was hot – but not burning my mouth so much that it wasn’t enjoyable.  Can I say I love crinkle cut fries too?

I had a taste of my sisters chicken too, it was so flavourful.  It was such a large serving but it was SO good that we couldn’t leave any of the chicken behind! 

Splitsville Sweet and Spicy Chicken

This chicken dish was amazing – even with the vegetables it might be on my list for next visit!

As we left we laughed about how we weren’t going to go in – and now it’s on our list of places we need to go back to.  My sister now wants to try the sushi, and I just want another bite of that chicken sandwich!

Yes – we’ll be back at Splitsville in Disney Springs.  Maybe next time we’ll actually try the bowling!  Dining and bowling are booked separately, if you want to reserve your lanes call (407) 938-7467

Splitsville Disney Springs Gift Shop

We will be back – for SURE

Have you eaten at Splitsville yet?  What did you have?

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