What I won’t soon forget from 2022

Did you know that I almost gave up Pixie Dust Fan in 2022?

If I’m honest, there were many times during the year that I thought I couldn’t keep doing this. I had so many responsibilities, I was overwhelmed and I was struggling some days to find MY pixie dust.

Every time I thought about it, I got encouragement from the Pixie Dust Fan community. I can’t express how much the messages, comments, podcast reviews, emails and REAL mail mean to me. You have no idea the impact you’ve had on my life.

I heard from people who said Pixie Dust Fan gives them a distraction from their rough days or the podcast gives them a giggle when they’re driving to some not so fun appointments. There’s so much negativity out there that we all need a little giggle and some Disney to lighten the mood. And I got that reminder this year from all of you.

I want to do so much more in 2023, but first I had to look back at what I learned, what I enjoyed, and what I will remember about this year.

Here are 9 things from 2022 I won’t soon forget!

1. My sister was treated for Leukemia

There were treatments, a bone marrow transplant and recovery. I’m happy to report – she’s doing really well! You can read my post about it all here

2. I realized that I now get motion sickness on rides (am I too old??)

After my Guardians of the Galaxy experience, I’m second guessing my ability to enjoy new attractions.

3. I discovered that missing Harrison Ford for Kermit The Frog wasn’t such a big deal.

Carrie and I went to Disneyland for the D23 Expo and there were stars EVERYWHERE. From Muppets to Animators and Indiana Jones, it was an incredible experience and choices had to be made!

4. I found out that Disney is everywhere – including Dayton Ohio!

I attended my very first Dayton Disneyana (yep in Ohio) and had a ball! Hanging out with other Disney fans and shopping, hearing speakers and just being surrounded by the magic is good for the soul

5. I got to talk to fun Disney people on the podcast

We have some of the greatest conversations on the podcast and this year was no dierent. From the biggest Mickey Mouse collector Paul Bottos (who we spoke to twice!) to a positively Disney cookbook, Carrie and I enjoyed every episode.

6. Wishes don’t always come true

We started the year with a bucket list of podcast guests that didn’t quite materialize. Maybe in 2023? If you know any of them – can you hook us up?

7. I opened my own business

I’ve been dreaming of my own business since I was 17 years old and wanted to buy a video store (like a tiny Blockbuster!). This year I went into partnership with a friend and we opened Playcation Travel! I figured if I didn’t do it now – when would I? I’m loving every minute of it!

8. I proved to Carrie that restrooms ARE a hot topic and I DON’T know everything in the Magic Kingdom.

We finally did a podcast on the restrooms at Walt Disney World and discovered that there was one in the Magic Kingdom I didn’t know about. This gave us a real purpose on our December trip to go and find it. Yes, this is the fun stuff we do on vacation!

9. Mugs bring people together

My Sunday morning mug posts on Facebook have really become something I look forward to every week!

Thank you again for being a part of the community and sharing this crazy Disney obsession with me. You give me hope, purpose and pixie dust all year round and I thank you for it.

May you have the most magical holiday season with your friends & family!

What I won\'t soon forget from 2022
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