Disney mug collections bring such joy

I can’t even remember when it started, the earliest one I can find is from 2017 when the clocks changed and posted a pic of my Castaway Cay mug.

Castaway Cay Disney Mug

How it started

I know I was struggling for content one Sunday morning when I had a bunch of things to get done so I snapped a pic of my Disney mug and posted it.  It got some great engagement and people enjoyed sharing, it was a fun one.

A few Sunday mornings later I was in the same position – so I posted a different mug… that was it.  The tradition had started!

Disney Cinderella Mug

I have SO much fun with this post each and every Sunday morning.  It is the post that makes me feel like I get a glimpse in to YOUR days and YOUR Disney life and it’s awesome.

Pixie Dust Fan Disney mug September 2018

There are people from all over who send me pics of their Sunday mug and share tidbits about what they’re drinking in it, or where they got it or what special memory it means to them.  Sometimes you get a glimpse of the background or their breakfast and it’s a real connection.

I know that it isn’t just for me – others come to the post to scroll everyone else’s mugs too!  I see comments back and forth asking where they got it or complimenting each other on their choice.

Disney Mickey Mouse mug Pixie Dust Fan

If you look in the background of that post there are my Disney canisters – I get asked all the time where I got them.  I actually bought them WAY back in Downtown Disney (before it was Disney Springs) and they had a kitchen shop.  I love these canisters – and if you really want to know, there is NOTHING in them.  I am not a cook… I’m a ‘frozen reheat’ kinda gal.  But I digress…

I have shared some big ‘life’ news via my mug choices too – it just felt like the right way to share.  It’s funny how I think of these posts as a bit more ‘personal’.  Maybe because they come from inside my house?

Pixie Dust Fan Travel Agency Announcement Mug Post

I was so excited to announce this and the support was overwhelming.

The other AMAZING thing about the connections that I am so grateful for is the tea pot in the background – next to the canisters.

Coronation Street Tea Pot Gift

I am a HUGE fan of the TV show Coronation Street, I have been watching it for as long as I can remember.  I used to watch it with my Mum, I grew up with it.

Sharing my love of Coronation Street and tea and one of the most amazing Pixie Dust Fans sent me a gift that had me in tears.  It was incredibly generous and kind and I was completely overwhelmed.  She will never know how much this meant to me.

Playcation Travel Request A Quote

Disney Mug Pixie Dust Fan September 2019

I have carried on doing this mug post almost every Sunday.  Sometimes the days get mixed up for me (especially when I’m on vacation) but I always try to share it.  It’s a fun way to connect and I really enjoy it.

Contemporary Resort View with Sunday Mug post from Pixie Dust Fan

Disney Dumbo mug

If you listen to the podcast you know the story of this mug! I bought it one trip and accidentally put it in the washing machine at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort!

Disney Resort in room cups - Pixie Dust Fan Coronado Springs

Even when I’m on a non-Disney vacation I feel I have to post something!  I took this one at sea on a Norwegian Cruise.

Starbucks at sea with Pixie Dust Fan

My biggest issue?  This post started because I had too much to do one Sunday morning and I needed a post… Now?  I can’t get ANYTHING done on a Sunday morning because I’m too busy looking at pics of mugs.  And I love it.

Thank you all for engaging with me!!

Winnie the Pooh mug and teapot Pixie Dust Fan

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Sharing my Disney mug collection and why it brings me joy
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