I have loved Disney’s Contemporary Resort for as long as I can remember.  It was the first place I stayed on my first trip to Walt Disney World in 1974.  It became our ‘Disney home’ in the 70’s and it wasn’t until new hotels were built that we branched out to try some others.

Are the Contemporary Resort rooms really deluxe rooms?

Yes!  Given this is one of the original resorts, the rooms are bigger than most.  While the style has changed over the years, the structure has not.

Contemporary Resort Full Room

From the moment you walk in to the room it is modern, clean and inviting.  It really still has a feel of classic luxury in my opinion.

From the perspective of the pictures – the closet is on the left and the bathroom is on the right.

Contemporary Resort Room Entry

The closet is large with plenty of storage space to hang your clothes and includes 3 drawers in the first compartment.  Up top there is extra bedding and a steam iron.

Contemporary Resort Incredible Closet

The Incredibles theming is well represented inside with their super suits hanging in the closet.

The second door opens to a full-length mirror, the safe and 2 more drawers.

Incredible closet with safe

At the end of the closet is the ‘coffee station’ equipped with a Keurig.  Some more Incredibles theming makes an appearance on the back of the wall with their cocktail glasses and mugs represented.  Of course I think I love the Edna one the best!

Contemporary Resort Room Coffee Maker

Under this station the drawer is filled with cups, coffee, sugar and creamer.  The door on the bottome opens up to a small fridge.

How big is the bathroom in the Contemporary Resort rooms?

To the right (left as you’re walking in to the room) is the large bathroom.  This bathroom is beautiful and bright.  The mirror is fantastic with a frosted monorail on the side and I love it.

Contemporary Resort Room Bathrooms

With double sinks the vanity area was big enough to unpack all of my toiletries and have plenty of room to spare.

The tub looked very comfy and if I had extra time I would have gone to Basin to get a nice bath bomb to enjoy it! Maybe next time.

The tub sides were a bit high though, so you need to be careful getting in and out.

Contemporary Resort Room water closet

Inside the water closet there is some fun art work of Jack-Jack and all of his powers.

Are the rooms at the Contemporary resort nice?

As you move in to the room, the only thing that struck me as odd was the couch was UNDER the TV.  You would really only be able to watch TV from the beds.  The couch itself pulls down in to another small bed.

Contemporary Resort Room Couch

There were plenty of outlets and USB charging ports throughout the room.  Beside the beds and next to the couch as well.  I was never at a loss to charge my devices.

The beds were comfortable and had room to put your suitcases underneath to keep them out of the way.

Contemporary Resort Beds

The table offered me a place to set up my laptop and get some work done while I was there.  It was also a great place to eat dinner the night we had take-out from Steakhouse 71.

Is there too much Incredibles?

No.  And believe me, I was worried about it.  I was worried they would stick the Incredibles absolutely everywhere and it would be too much, and it really wasn’t.  Online all of the pictures seem to focus on it, but when you’re standing in the room looking at it with your own eyes, it isn’t a lot.  There are some fun touches, but it’s not overpowering.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort is one of my absolute favorite resorts for so many reasons, the rooms are just one of them.

Have you stayed here before?  Do you love it?  Watch our video tour below.

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Disney\'s Contemporary Resort Rooms - are they incredible?
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