Pixie Dust Fan Podcast Episode 121

Carrie returns to Walt Disney World after 21 months

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It had been a long 21 months, but Carrie was finally returning to Walt Disney World from Canada.  How did it go?  Did she feel a lot of anxiety about the testing and the crowds?  What was the experience like using Beeper MD for the test to go home?  Find out on this episode of the podcast.

Show Notes:

Beeper MD: https://beepermd.com

For the details of Francine’s first trip back – check out podcast episodes 110 and 112.

Episode 110:  https://pixiedustfan.com/travel-to-disney-during-covid/

Episode 112:  https://pixiedustfan.com/return-to-wdw-questions/

Sailing Disney Cruise line during the pandemic:  https://pixiedustfan.com/return-to-canada-disney-cruise-pandemic/

Blog post about returning to Canada:  https://pixiedustfan.com/from-disney-to-canada-during-covid/

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Podcast 121 – Carrie returns to Walt Disney World after 21 months
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