Pixie Dust Fan Podcast Episode 114

Answering your questions about recent trips, opinions and our home decor!

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Carrie and Francine are answering some of the questions that listeners sent in.  

Some of the questions they answered:

What would a non Disney fan say when they walked in to your house?

Do you book through a travel agent? 

What tours do you recommend? 

Do you ever do meet ups?  

The ladies are answering these questions and more on this episode of the podcast.

Show Notes:

Blog post about going to Orlando can be found here or on https://PixieDustFan.com

Blog post on the return can be found here

Find Francine and Carrie online:

Website: https://www.PixieDustFan.com

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/PixieDustFan

Carrie on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/muppetcrazy/

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Podcast 114 – Answering your questions about our recent trips, opinions and our home decor!
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