Rose Gold Ears EbayDisney releases new merchandise all the time at the parks.  There’s a different pin, popcorn bucket or Dooney purse for every season.  Occasionally – although it’s becoming more frequent, there are items that are just next to impossible to get!  These items are all over social media and everyone is going crazy to get their hands on the newest “must have” thing.   While I totally get the “I have to have it!” mentality – I am urging you NOT to buy these items on sites like eBay.  Here’s why.

1.  These items are marked up – drastically

Have you seen the hype about the Rose Gold Ears?  Honestly, I can’t figure out what’s so great about them – but many people have asked me to pick them up a pair when I’m there.  These things sell for $24.99 at the parks and $75 online (plus shipping!).  Why would you want to pay 3 times the value of an item from a seller who probably has an annual pass and only paid $20 for them?

2.  It’s because of the eBay sellers you can’t get these items for yourself

I have been in the parks when the latest and greatest craze was going on and you can see the resellers stocking up, buying as many of the items as they can carry.  As soon as they get information that shelves have been restocked, they are at the park clearing those same shelves.  THIS is why you can’t get one for yourself.  When you buy from these sellers, you’re keeping them in business and the circle continues.

oogie boogie popcorn bucket

$85 For a popcorn bucket! Don’t forget the $65 shipping!

3.  The personal shoppers are more reputable

While some may do both, the vast majority of the personal shoppers at Disney are only buying these items for clients who have already ordered them.  They are not buying 30 in the hopes that they can sell them later.  They’re also not selling them at an astronomical mark up – they have a small fee that is the same for all of their purchases and are not taking advantage of the newest hot topic.

4.  Disney will always have more if you’re patient

Remember those Haunted Mansion Dooney bags?  I really wanted one of those, so much that I was tempted to break my own rule and pay the crazy $1000 for a bag that was $200 in the parks.  But I didn’t.  While there were some days where I was panicking thinking I’d never get one – I stood my ground.  In my last 3 trips there have been HUNDREDS of these purses all over the parks.  Disney is not going to stop making things that people want, it might just take them some time to get the inventory out.

I can only hope that at some point Disney puts a limit on the number of these items that someone can purchase.  It wouldn’t stop these sellers, but it sure would slow them down so that others can get a chance to buy these fabulous for ourselves!

Have you bought anything on eBay?


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