Dont Do This On Vacation
I had a friend I was following on Facebook who was in the Grand Canyon on a family vacation.  There were so many pictures of him, his wife and children having a fantastic time as they enjoyed their travels.  Their vacation was a great success and they headed home to Toronto after a week of rest and relaxation.  They were all ready to get back in to their day-to-day routines when they walked in to their house to find that someone had been there.  They had been robbed.

Social media has become a great way to connect with your friends and family to share your experiences and especially your pictures!  Many of us have ‘friends’ online who are not really friends, but maybe acquaintances or people we have actually never met but share similar interests.  Do you really know these people?

Turns out, my friend didn’t.  While he isn’t certain, it is a good assumption that whomever broke in to his house knew that he was on vacation with his whole family and that they wouldn’t come home any minute.  This was evident by the fact that they spent time in his house without worry, eating his food and drinking his beer – all while he was enjoying his vacation.

The next time you go on vacation maybe you should post the pics when you get home and not advertise that you’re away.  Unfortunately I don’t have that luxury since I’m always posting for Pixie Dust Fan, so I think I’ll post a pic of my home security system and house sitter doing their jobs while I’m away!

Do you post pics while you’re on vacation?  Do you know everyone on your friends list?


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