Pixie Dust Fan Podcast Episode 145

What is Dayton Disneyana?

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Carrie and Fran sat down with Anita Schaengold to get the inside scoop on Dayton Disneyana.  Anita shares how she got involved with the foundation and her love of planning this event.  From the community connections to the speakers and shopping, the ladies cover all the reasons they are excited about this upcoming epic weekend.

Show Notes

Dayton Disneyana https://daytondisneyana.org

Find Dayton Disneyana on Facebook @DaytonDisneyana 

Support the Pirate Packs charity by attending Dayton Disneyana or contribute directly on the website https://piratepacks.org

The blog that Gary wrote for the Pixie Dust Fan site was a review of the 2019 event

Find Tom Nabbe’s book “From Disneyland’s Tom Sawyer to Disney Legend: The Adventures of Tom Nabbe” on Amazon

The NC Disneyana event is in Raleigh and can be found at https://www.ncdisneyana.com/#/

Carrie’s pixie dust was her bed, the same one Fran bought was the Beautyrest Unity Beach Mattress

Fran shared her excitement about her new air fryer accessories from a brand called Tinmix on Amazon.

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Podcast 145 - What is Dayton Disneyana?
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