Lessons from Pixie Dust FansYou can be scared, but do it anyway.

That’s what I wrote a year ago as one of the 5 things I had learned.  I had launched my new website and decided to focus on Pixie Dust Fan, I was terrified.  What if it was a failure?  What if no one liked it?

I decided to try anyway and my Facebook page grew from 1.5k followers to almost 24k!  It was beyond what I thought was possible, and so many surprises along the way.  It has been an incredible journey, but what I never expected is how much I would learn from all of you.

Here are the 5 things that YOU taught me this year

1.  Strangers Are Kind

Most of you don’t know me personally, yet so many of you have offered me kind words and encouragement this year.  It is your support that has given me the motivation to keep going.

Have faith in your dreams


2.  Social Media Is Exciting

I spend a LOT of time preparing posts for social media to share with you all and waiting to see what ones resonate with you is fascinating!  I have spent hours creating memes that I thought were funny only to have them flop – then a simple picture of my tea cup gets a ton of buzz!  It’s always a thrill to see people engage with a post and comment about what is going on in their lives that connects with the post.

3.  I Need New Experiences

Getting feedback from you has made my vacations better!  Hearing your feedback and stories has inspired me to try new things and revisit some old ones while I’m at Walt Disney World.  I am always keeping my eyes open for things to post and I’m motivated to try new experiences so that I can share them with you.  Some of the recommendations you’ve given me have become my new favourite things.

Mr Kamals Fries At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

4.  I Don’t Have To Be Perfect

When my video is a little shaky or I tape it with my thumb in front of the lense for the first 2 minutes (true story), you still watch and forgive my amateur status.  When my grammar and spelling isn’t perfect, you don’t write hateful comments or correct me.  You have told me you’re happy to share the Disney passion and it’s okay that I mess up, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me!


5.  Disney Fans Need Pixie Dust In Their Days

I have a friend at work who always says the way to get me out of a bad mood is to talk about Disney.  She wishes that she had something similar that could instantly change her mood and brighten her day.

That’s what Disney is for so many of us, something that lifts our spirits and takes our minds off of the negative stuff that surrounds us every day.  It might just be a picture of a mug or a discussion about fastpasses and ears, but it brings a moment of joy in to our days.

I am truly humbled by all of your support this year, and grateful for the lessons you have taught me.  You all are the Pixie Dust in my days.

I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2018 with many magical moments to celebrate!


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