Pixie Dust Fan Podcast Episode 149

So we’re Canadian eh?

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Inspired by a review on Apple Podcasts that said they loved their Canadian accents, Carrie and Fran are sharing their views on being Canadian.  From Tim Hortons to Hockey, saying sorry and ‘aboot’ – the ladies are sharing their perspective.  At the end they circle back to the Walt Disney connection to Canada.

Show Notes:

The Canadian connection to Walt Disney as written by our friend Gary is on the Pixie Dust Fan website.

Gary chatted with us about Fort Wilderness on episode 37

On episode 16 of the podcast we shared why it is difficult being a Canadian Disney fan

You can buy the Tim Horton’s steeped tea on Amazon 

Carrie and Glenda went to Puzzles Canada

If you want a YouTube puzzler – check out Karen Puzzles like Carrie recommended

The spa that Francine goes to is called JC Spa in Toronto

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Podcast 149 - So we\'re Canadian eh?
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