Sleepy Hollow with CastleSomeone asked me today “how can you be excited about another trip to Walt Disney World, isn’t it the same as it was the last time you were there?”.   They were implying that I had already ‘been there, done that’.  Yes – I was there 2 months ago, and multiple times last year – but no, it never gets boring.

The next question I hear is “haven’t you seen it all?” – and the simple answer is NO!  Walt Disney World is always changing so there is something ‘new’ to see or do every time I visit.

Here’s why I’m excited about my next trip!

Different Resorts

I have stayed in all of the Walt Disney World Resort properties.  It took me a while to get to stay at the Yacht Club (I don’t know why I kept missing that one!) but I finally did it!  With each trip there is always something new to check out at a resort, so I like to mix it up!  There are so many different room types too – sometimes it’s nice to splurge on a more “resort based” vacation where you hang out and enjoy the resort more than the parks.  Splurging on a Cabin at Copper Creek would give you the whole “home away from home” feel to relax and enjoy, and you’re not far from the pool!

Night Time Shows

I’m always so excited as I love the night-time entertainment!  The big concern is how to decide between Rivers of Light, Epcot Forever, Star Wars fireworks & Fantasmic at Hollywood Stuidos and Happily Ever After and the Magic Kingdom?   I think I need more nights…

Pixie Dust Fan's Tee Public Store

Pixie Dust Fan’s Tee Public Store

New Dining

There is ALWAYS something new to eat – and this trip is no exception!  I could seriously eat the new desserts all week for every meal, but I do want to try at least 1 new restaurant on each trip.  It’s hard to decide sometimes because there are some great options.  Each trip brings a new dilemma of deciding between our tried and true favourites, or something new.

Shopping & New Merchandise

Yes – shopping is a bit part of my trip.  Wandering through the stores and seeing the new, unique and custom merchandise?  It’s so much fun.  I love to visit Disney Springs for just a regular “shopping day” but then I also have to hit all the stores in the parks.  Resort shops?  You don’t want to miss those because sometimes they have different things too!  You can find a lot of the merchandise online at but it’s not quite the same as when you can touch it.

Walt once said ‘Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.’  I’m so glad this vision is carried on at Walt Disney World, I continue to be amazed and inspired each time I step on the Disney property and revitalize my own imagination.

What keeps you going back?


Been there, done that - and you\'re going to Disney again?
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