Complimentary Toiletries Replaced With Pump Dispensers At Disney

Disney H2O SoapThere are indications that Disney may be getting rid of the cute little toiletry bottles of H2O that we have grown to love and replacing them with refillable dispensers.

It has been reported by many fan sites that Port Orleans Riverside recently had pump dispensers of the H2O products rather than the individual travel sized bottles.

The little bottles were a small treat in your room, some terrific products in sample sizes for you to try.  Obviously the thought was that it would encourage you to buy the product in the gift shop so that you could take a little bit of Disney home with you.

Is this a cost cutting measure?  Or Disney’s attempt to be more green and reduce the amount of waste and plastic bottles?

Many guests are not happy about the changes with one fan even making a ‘save the soap’ video!


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And if you REALLY wanted some – of course they are for sale on eBay!


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It is not clear yet if this will be rolled out across all resorts and resort categories.

What do you think of the potential changes?