Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Moana Themed Rooms

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort was one of the opening day resorts in 1971 and has been a fan favourite ever since.

Being on the Magic Kingdom Monorail loop is one of the benefits of this resort.  Even if you don’t want to be IN the park,  you can see the Magic Kingdom fireworks each night from the beach.  There are so many reasons to love this resort, but that is another post.

There is a wide array of accommodations and all room types share the same resort amenities, including pools, dining and recreation.

Room types offered at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort:

We are focused on the Resort Rooms that sleep up to 5 adults.  The views offered:

  • Theme Park View (Magic Kingdom Park and Seven Seas Lagoon)
  • Pool or Marina View (Pool or Marina)
  • Standard View (Garden, Monorail or Parking Area)
  • Lagoon View (Seven Seas Lagoon)

These rooms generally have 2 queen beds and 1 day bed, but some have a king instead of the queens.

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Polynesian Resort Room Beds - Disney

The two queen beds in the room are comfortable and have plenty of space between them. 

Polynesian Resort Wall Art Moana Disney

It’s always hard to take pictures of art work on the walls – but this Moana art is stunning in person.  The camera does not do justice to the colors.

Polynesian Resort Room Couch / Day Bed - Disney

The day bed in the room is a decent size, I think I could sleep comfortably on it, but I wouldn’t suggest that it’s suitable for someone who is 6 foot tall.

You can see the Moana touches on the wall – almost subtle, yet obvious.

Polynesian Resort Room Tour Disney

There is quite a bit of space between the ends of the beds and the furniture on the other wall – leaving plenty of walking space.

The bathroom is very large with double sinks and a shelf large enough for all your toiletries

Polynesian Resort Bathroom Disney

There is a separate water closet with a pocket door.

Polynesian Resort Water Closet - Disney

The shower and tub are nice and bright.  There’s nothing worse than being in the dark when your’e in the shower right?Polynesian Resort Shower - Disney

The colors in this room are all so bright and inviting.  And what Moana themed room would be complete without Hei Hei??

Polynesian Resort Coffee Maker

With Hei Hei guarding the coffee maker, the theming is complete!

Overall the room is spacious, bright, plenty of storage (including under the beds for your suitcases).  Absolutely worth exploring for your next visit.

Have you ever stayed at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort?  Did you love it?? 

Disney’s Polynesian Resort Bungalows – 3 Reasons I Want To Stay In One

Poly Bungalow Living Room
I had the opportunity to tour one of the bungalows at Disney’s Polynesian Resort on my last visit.  Being like everyone else, I had drooled over the pictures online and wanted to see them in person.  I wondered if they were as nice as they appeared online and knew that the only way to tell was to walk inside one.

After my tour, I had 3 reasons that I really want to stay in one of the bungalows, and 1 reason why I don’t!

1.  The bungalows are big.

2 bedrooms, a pull down couch and two trundle beds – you can sleep 8 people in one of these.  Would I?  No – I think that might be a little bit crowded.  I think our family would be comfortable with 6 of us in there.

2.  The view is incredible!

Being on the Seven Seas Lagoon facing the Magic Kingdom – you don’t get a better view than that.  There are speakers on the deck so that you can play the music to go with the fireworks you’ll watch from your private plunge pool at night!  Okay – the plunge pool is pretty small, but they couldn’t really have made it any bigger or they would have used up too much of the deck.  How about those chairs?  Yes – I could spend an afternoon relaxing there!

3.  The décor

The decor in the bungalows is a throw back to the original Polynesian Resort décor, especially in the living room.  I love that they incorporated the history of the resort, but still kept them modern with all of the bells and whistles. The kitchen looks like a place I would like to cook in – but of course you probably wouldn’t do much cooking on vacation.  The dining room table though is the perfect place to eat your Ohana’s dinner that you order from room service!

So if these are so great – why don’t I want to stay in one??  The answer is simple – price.  These bungalows are the height of luxury at around $3,000 USD per night.  This is not something I can see myself splurging on anytime in the near future.  It’s always fun to dream though, you never know what will happen.  Maybe one day I’ll be sipping a cocktail on that deck, watching the fireworks and thinking saying “remember when I said I would never stay in one of these?”.

Check out the pictures – would you pay to stay there?

Polynesian Bungalow Deck Chairs Polynesian Bungalow Lounge Chairs Polynesian Bungalow Hanging Chairs Polynesian Bungalow Water Parade Bed Polynesian Bungalow Kitchen Polynesian Bungalow Bathroom TV Polynesian Bungalow Bedroom Polynesian Bungalow Bedroom 2 Polynesian Bungalow At Night






Disney’s Polynesian Resort Villas Were Not What I Expected

Polynesian Resort Studio Bed
Going to Walt Disney World in the 70’s, my Mum had something against the Polynesian Resort.  She always said there were too many trees and that would attract the bugs – we had to stay at the Contemporary instead.

For years this notion of mosquitos and ants was stuck in my head, and I never had the desire to stay there.  It’s funny how those thoughts stay with you!  I knew it was a deluxe Disney resort, but it was just not appealing to me.

Now that I have a blog dedicated to all things Disney, I knew I had to book a few nights at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.  I couldn’t afford the bungalows, so I opted for a few nights at the villas.

When we arrived, we walked down to Moorea longhouse where our room would be.  It didn’t seem like a long walk, but it did feel a little Polynesian Resort Mooreafar at the end of a long day.  We didn’t take the opportunity to walk over from the Ticket and Transportation Centre – in fact I suspect that would have been a shorter walk for us!

Up to the second floor and in to our room.

The views were spectacular.  I couldn’t believe it, I was looking out over the Seven Seas Lagoon and could see the castle in the distance!  This meant that I could watch the fireworks from my bed – wow!

The part that was so impressive to me was the SIZE of the room!  I would have gladly stayed in this room with 4 adults and not felt crowded.  A full bathroom with a tub and shower plus a separate stand up shower, what a great idea for families when you’re all trying to get ready in the morning.

The sitting area was big enough and the couch was comfy.  I didn’t get a chance to try the pull out couch, but I did sleepOhana Room Service in the murphy bed and was pleasantly surprised.  I’m by no means a ‘light weight’ – but it suited me just fine and I had no issues.

I was really impressed with my stay at the Polynesian Resort villas, but I think the cherry on the cake was room service!  On our last night
we were pretty tired and decided to order room service for dinner.  What do you get when you order room service??  You can order from O’hana!  Yes… Ohana food brought right to your room where you can eat it in your pyjamas and avoid cutting off your ability to breathe when you’ve eaten too much.

It wasn’t long in my stay before I realized that the ‘bugs’ my Mum had worried about were not an issue.  In fact, I can say that I didn’t notice any.  Would I stay here again?  Absolutely!!

Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve stayed here!


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