5 Reasons I Love Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Walt Disney World Resort Beach Club Bed and DeskDisney’s Beach Club Resort at Walt Disney World is everything you could want in a deluxe resort.  While it’s sort of the sister resort to the Yacht Club, it has it’s own unique theme and style that makes it different!

Each Walt Disney World Resort has pros and cons – and some can be very subjective depending on what is important to you for your vacation.

I’ve come up with my TOP 5 reasons why the Beach Club is one of my favorite resorts!

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1  Location

How can you go wrong when you are really a SHORT walk to Epcot?  While there are 3 resorts in this area (The Beach Club, The Boardwalk and the Yacht Club), the Beach Club is the closest to Epcot for walking.  It’s a short stroll via the International Gateway and when you arrive at Epcot it brings you in to World Showcase between the UK and France.  At the end of the night after fireworks it feels so good not to have to wait for a boat, monorail or bus – you can walk back to your room!  It also makes it REALLY handy if you’re spending the day at Epcot and want to pop back for a quick swim in the afternoon, you don’t feel like you’re spending a ton of time travelling.

International Gateway WDW

Take the International Gateway to walk between Epcot and the Yacht Club, Beach Club and Boardwalk Resorts

The other fantastic parts about the location is the ease of walking to the Boardwalk as well as taking the boat to Hollywood Studios!  You can technically walk to Hollywood Studios too – but it’s a bit of a hike in my opinion.  I think your’e better off taking the Friendship Boats!

Disney Friendship Boat Sign

Take the boat from the lighthouse at the resort over to Hollywood Studios!

The Boardwalk is among some of the best places for date night while in Walt Disney World too!


2  The Rooms

The rooms at this resort are a highlight for me.  They are bright, comfortable, large and welcoming.  I love the use of space and the large vanity area along with all of the USB and power outlets in the room!  Here’s the room tour so you can see for yourself!

 3  Activities And Relaxation

Stormalong Bay is shared with Disney’s Yacht Club and has a 230 foot waterslide (one of the highest at Walt Disney World), a lazy river, a sand bottom pool and SO much more!  There is a reason it is so popular that you need a wrist band to prove you’re staying there to use it.  And yes, they check wrist bands!

Stormalong Bay Walt Disney World

One of the best pools on Disney Property. Only resort guests are permitted to use the pool.

Aside from the fantastic water slide and pools, there are plenty of places for a little rest and relaxation!  The Beach has everything you’d need to just breathe… relax, and chill.  One of my favorite things is to sit on the beach here and just watch the boats coming and going.  It’s such a great spot to unwind and take a minute.

Disney Beach Club Beach

Perfect place to just sit back, grab a drink and unwind.

4  The Food

If you’re looking for a terrific buffet – look no further than Cape May!  Here you can find a character breakfast in the mornings, or a great seafood buffet in the evenings!

Cape May Breakfast is character dining too!

And you can’t talk about this place withough mention of Beaches & Cream Soda Shop!  While they serve great food, milkshakes and ice cream – they are BEST known for the Kitchen Sink.  Imagine all the ice cream, toppings and cookies you could get at an ice cream shop thrown in to one big kitchen sink?  You get the idea… you can read my review of this great place here.  I have tried the kitchen sink myself – but I needed help from my friends!!

5  The Villas

This resort is also a Disney Vacation Club Resort, meaning there are villas available as well as regular rooms.  These villas offer 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units for bigger parties that have full kitchens in them as well!  It’s very convenient when we vacation with a larger party – or even when it’s just 4 adults, having the extra space is perfect for us without getting 2 or 3 separate rooms.  We sometimes make breakfast in the kitchen for the kids or some lunch snacks, it’s also great for having the separate bedroom if the kids need to go to bed before the adults are ready!  Check out the tour of the two bedroom unit below!

What do you think?  Have you stayed here before?


Disney’s Beaches and Cream Review

Pixie Dust Fan Kitchen SinkTucked away behind the spectacular pool at Disney’s Beach Club resort is Beaches and Cream Soda Shop.

This very small location is home to the very big dessert – the Kitchen Sink. While many people visit just for the ice cream, my travel companions and I decided to have lunch as well.

Beaches and Cream Milk ShakeWhen we arrived I was shocked at how small it was inside. I had walked past it before, but had never gone in. The tables were quite close together and we were seated at what I thought was a pretty small table for the 4 of us. Since we’re good friends, this wasn’t an issue, but it was a bit snug when our food came.
Ron started things off by ordering a milk shake while the rest had pop and water. The milkshake looked so good that we knew this was the place to be for anything ice cream related. He was pretty happy with it.

A couple of us had burgers while the other two had beef melts.   I have to say that for an Ice Cream/Soda Shop I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed my burger and fries. But let’s be serious, we were there for one mission, to defeat the kitchen sink.

Beaches and Cream Patty Melt Beaches and Cream Burger

Being a Disney ‘foodie’ who loves desserts, I had researched this dessert many times. I had seen the pictures and videos and figured that the 4 of us could handle it.

Maybe it was because we were sitting at a little table, but I could not believe how big this sink was! It was overflowing with ice cream, cake, whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate, even Oreo cookies!   The spoon that they gave us to scoop it out to our plates was huge and when you dove in, you weren’t sure what goodness you find in it.

Beaches and Cream Kitchen Sink.

We dug in, and we gave it our best effort, but in the end – the kitchen sink beat us. We just couldn’t do it, we probably all ate more than we should have, but we couldn’t finish it.  It really doesn’t look so appetizing at the end.

Kitchen Sink After

After that we took a leisurely stroll back to our room at the Beach Club to relax and let our tummies settle. I think we all agreed that Beaches and Cream was a new favorite for when we’re in the mood for ice cream.

Would I try it again? Absolutely!  Would I assume that we could finish it? Not a chance! I think next time I go I’ll have more realistic expectations of how much ice cream 4 people can consume!