Star Wars fans are some of the most devoted of any franchise, and they span generations.  The force runs deep in some families!

Before I show you the perfect gifts for the Star Wars fan in your life – let me give you a fun fact you can dazzle them with as well.

You have heard “May the fourth be with you” on May4th – a widely celebrated ‘Star Wars Day’.  I’m sure even NON Star Wars fans know that it’s a play on the phrase “may the force be with you”.  Here’s the fun fact – this saying originated not by Star Wars fans but as a congratulations to Margaret Thatcher in 1979!  When she assumed the office of Prime Minister on that day, her political party placed an ad (seen below) to congratulate her.

Margaret-Thatcher May the Fourth

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Now you can impress with some Star Wars trivia!

On to the gifts, and yes – as a Star Wars fan myself, I have picked the ones that I like!


If you follow me at all, even just a little – you know that I’m addicted to buying t-shirts.  So when I see some of these Star Wars shirts that are available on TeePublic, I’m very tempted.  You can customize colors, styles (I prefer the v-neck) and they are available for Men and Women.  I’ve added a few styles like the below to my TeePublic store.

Star Wars Tshirts Teepublic

You can also take any of the designs and put them on mugs, bottles, bags, masks – really anything!

Star Wars LEGO

Lego is always fun, but as an adult it seems to have a new charm that escaped me as a child.  I don’t know about you, but I was always building the same house with my lego – 4 sides and a roof that was a bit of a pyramid.  So what would it be like to build something with LEGO instructions that was cool?  Like Darth Vader?  I don’t think I’d ever take it apart.

Darth Vader Lego Head


There is of course a Grogu one – but honestly, I like the Darth Vader one better!

Baby Yoda Lego


While it was one of the most devestating parts of the movie for me when I was young – Han Solo in carbonite is classic Star Wars stuff!  This trinket dish would be perfect for holding some loose jewlery, keys, change – whatever!  Although I would just leave it sitting out as a trinket on my table because, well – it’s a conversation starter!

Han Solo Trinket Dish

I drink canned beer now, but if I still drank bottled beer I would need this bottle opener!  I may still buy it for my friends.
Falcon bottle opener

I know most of my home decor is Disney, but I think this is the lamp I’ve been looking for.

Light Saber Table Lamp

This table lamp is available for both Luke or Darth Vader’s light saber!  C’mon – this is awesome isn’t it?  It measures just over 23 inches tall with an on/off switch in line for easy access.

Anything as a collector piece with Han Solo in it – like this authentic 35mm cell, it’s awesome.

With a certificate of authenticity, this film cell is perfect for any collector.

Speaking of collectors – there is a whole subscription service with Funkos from Pop In A Box.

With options of a different number of Funkos delivered to you monthly, it’s like your birthday 12 times per year!

If you wanted something maybe a little smaller and more functional – there are a whole set of night lights you could choose from!  I have a whole post just on the night lights here.

If I could choose only one of the above gifts, as a Star Wars fan myself – I think I would go with the Funkos.  They would be a nice little treat every month showing up at my door.  BUT – if it wasn’t the subscription, I think I’d like the lamp because it’s unique!

There are a lot of gifts out there, but this collection I put together are affordable in my opinion.

What gift would you think is the best for a Star Wars fan??  Are you buying any of these for yourself?


This post contains affiliate links for which Pixie Dust Fan may earn a small commission if purchased.  They are at no cost to you.

PERFECT gifts for a Star Wars fan
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