Pixie Dust Fan Podcast Episode 138

What podcasts do we listen to? We’re sharing our playlists!

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Carrie and Francine are talking all about OTHER podcasts!  They’re sharing the shows that they listen to and why they love them.  Don’t miss their prime times for listening and where you can share YOUR favorite podcasts with them.

Show Notes

Geek 4 podcast – Carrie shared how much she enjoys this show and the variety of topics that are covered

The Feed – A great resource for podcasters

Bobsleds and Banthas – Sharing fandom of Star Wars, theme parks and all sorts of fun

Disneyland for Designers – Perfect description from their site:  “Fall in love with the Disneyland story all over again”

WDW Radio – Everyone loves Lou Mongello and he is the king of Disney podcasts!  He was on episode 94 of the Pixie Dust Fan podcast.

We Like Theme Parks – a fun Disney and Universal focused podcast

1923 Main Street – a great Disney podcast with a father and daughter perspective!

Pop Culture Happy Hour – sharing pop culture current hot topics

Just B with Bethany – fascinating guests talking about business, success and life

Gary Vaynerchuck – a great listen for some straight talk about all things business, motivation and LIFE lessons

Miyam Bialik’s Breakdown – Sharing personal experiences and diving in to mental health issues with fascinating guests

Smartless – a really fun one with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes & Will Arnett

Sofa Cinema Club –  fun movie reviews from some fantastic actors from Coronation Street

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Podcast 138 - What podcasts do we listen to?  We\'re sharing our playlists!
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