Pixie Dust Fan Disney Podcast Episode 100

Podcast 100 – Celebrating 100 episodes of The Pixie Dust Fan Podcast

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lt’s episode 100 and it’s a celebration!  Carrie and Francine are looking back at the first 100 episodes of the podcast and reliving some of the most joyful and funny moments.  The ladies can’t seem to stop laughing and they include some clips of past episodes that really highlight how far they have come.  From their nerves over talking to Bob Gurr, to their favorite pixie dust and clips from listeners who want to congratulate the duo – this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Show Notes:

The Disney Difference with our friend Carolyn https://pixiedustfan.com/podcast-5-the-disney-difference/

Jeff Barnes episode 31 https://pixiedustfan.com/podcast-31-why-the-walt-is-important/ 

Bob Gurr appeared on episode 59 https://pixiedustfan.com/disney-legend-bob-gurr/

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Carrie, Carolyn and Francine at the Haunted Mansion:

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Podcast 100 – Celebrating 100 episodes of The Pixie Dust Fan Podcast
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