Pixie Dust Fan Podcast Episode 107

Planning for the weather at Walt Disney World

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Most people plan their Walt Disney World vacation with great care and detail.  From resorts and restaurants to attractions and transportation, it’s all been considered very carefully.  But the one thing that most people don’t put a ton of thought in to is the weather!  Florida weather can be fickle, what do you do when you’re there during extreme heat?  Or when it’s cold?  How about during a hurricane?  Carrie and Francine are sharing their tips from their experiences during ALL the weather events that Florida has to offer.

Show Notes:

Irma preparations at Walt Disney World https://pixiedustfan.com/irma-disney-resorts/

The calm before the storm https://pixiedustfan.com/the-calm-before-irma-at-disney/

Things to do when it rains:  https://pixiedustfan.com/5-things-to-do-when-it-rains-at-disney/

Podcast episode 6 is where we discuss the hurricane that never was https://pixiedustfan.com/podcast-6-hurricanes-at-disney/

Waiting for Irma YouTube video:  https://youtu.be/Xl9ACiEhfqo

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Podcast 107 – Preparing for the weather at Walt Disney World
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