Aruba VacationYes, you read that right… Pixie Dust Fan is NOT going to Disney.  No Walt Disney World, no Disneyland or Disney cruise – I’m not even going to Aulani again.  I’ll be boarding a plane and heading to Aruba.  So why would I spend a week of my vacation outside of a Disney property?  The truth is, some of my friends aren’t ‘Disney people’.

For those of us who are Disney obsessed, it’s hard to remember that not everyone else is.  I’m sure we all have those people in our lives – you know, the ones who politely listen to you ramble on about a construction update of Star Wars Land, or the dates being released for refurbishments?  They are the ones who are mildly embarrassed at the mall when your phone rings and a booming voice says “Do not pull down on the safety bar please, I will lower it for you”.  I love my friends, they have accepted that my Disney obsession is who I am, but they definitely don’t share it.

With my friend Paula’s birthday approaching we thought that it deserved a week-long celebration.  There will be 4 of us on this trip to visit the Riu Antillas, an adult only resort in Aruba.  The reviews on Trip Advisor are great and I think a week in the sun, lounging by the pool is just what we all need.   These guys are great travel companions and we always have a good time together.

I am excited, but it is a little bizarre for me when I start thinking about what to pack!  My Disney trip suitcase basically packs itself now since I do it so often.  This trip is different though, I don’t need comfortable shoes for walking all over the parks, I think I need bathing suits and something to wear to dinner?  It’s been years since I’ve done an all-inclusive vacation and the thought of spending a week in a bathing suit has me a little anxious.  Hmmm, I have 7 days – think I can lose this excess weight by then?

The only thing I know for sure that I’ll need is sunscreen.  With my fair skin I am packing SPF 75.  A few years ago when we went away I spent the week under an umbrella and still managed to get burnt just walking to the bar (maybe I made that trip too many times?).  I just hope that there’s plenty of shade for me at this resort!

While it isn’t a Disney vacation, I know it’s going to be a fantastic celebration.  I will have my Disney music, games (I’m addicted to Disney Emoji), and books on my Ipad to keep me ‘connected’ to the magic.  With the wifi at the resort, I’ll be on social media keeping up to date and watching a few live streams to get my ‘fix’.

It may not be WDW, but it will be a week with good friends, no work, relaxation and sunshine.

What more could you ask for?

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