Pixie Dust Fan Disney Podcast Episode 83

Marvel Universe – We Clearly Aren’t Experts

We started off the episode talking about Disney community click bait.  You know them, the sites that have some slow news days and then they’re talking about horoscopes or opinions of the fans on Twitter?  That was how we started, but before long we ended up going down the path of the Marvel Universe.  On this episode it’s very clear that neither Francine OR Carrie are experts at anything Marvel related, in fact it’s probably quite embarrassing!  You want a good giggle? This is the podcast episode you should listen to.  If you’re a Marvel fan, Francine and Carrie apologize in advance!

Show Notes:

Dolly Parton 5-9 https://people.com/country/super-bowl-2021-dolly-parton-recreates-9-to-5/

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Podcast 83 - Disney Click Bait and Marvel Universe - We Aren\'t Experts
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