Hi, I am a 63-year-old Disney fanatic.  A few years ago (more like eleven when the first book was released in 2005) I began reading this series.  Throughout the years I have read them as they were released.  A few days ago I decided to go back to the beginning and read them all again. (I think seeing Ridley Pearson at Walt Disney World inspired me).

Here are my thoughts on the first book, the third time around!

Book 1 – Disney After Dark

I enjoyed reading this book just as much as I did the two times that I read it.  The imagination and story line holds your interest so much that I found myself wanting to leave what I was doing and read another chapter, even though I knew the outcome.  I could close my eyes and see every part of the attraction that Ridley was describing from the dolls in It’s a Small World, the Pirates locked in a stale mate on a chessboard in the Pirates of the Caribbean, to the Utilidors and the trash building behind Thunder Mountain that we viewed on our Keys to the Kingdom tour.  I highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet had the pleasure of reading it.  In fact I’ve asked Francine (Pixie Dust Fan) to consider reading it, as I know she would love it – being the Disney nut she is.

On to book 2, Disney at Dawn….can’t wait!

Becky is a guest blogger at Pixie Dust Fan who is also a Disney fanatic! 

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