DIY Mickey Lamp Disney fans everywhere do what they can to bring some Disney magic in to their everyday lives.  For some of us, that includes decorating our homes with Disney touches.

It can be as simple as a tea towel in the kitchen or bathroom, or a collection of ornaments or art work.  The possibilities are endless.  

You could choose to go full on Disney decor, or more subtle touches that only a true Disney fanatic would notice.  I like to think that I’m subtle – but the truth is, I’m not.  My house screams “Disney Fan” from the moment you walk in the door!  

Disney Decor

A few Disney decorations around the house!

So now I’ll say, “OK, maybe I’m not so subtle… “ and just admit it.  I have not-so hidden Mickey’s everywhere.  Which is why I’m surprised that I’m missing such a fabulous piece of Disney decor – why don’t I have one??

I’m talking about these fantastic lamps!

These lamps are perfect for indoor and outdoor display, they’re fully functional AND make some great decorations over the holidays!

Halloween Mickey Lamps

Where you buy one?  You don’t – you MAKE one!  They are a total Disney DIY project, that doesn’t seem to be as hard as you would think, or it’s just that my friend Gary has spelled out the step by step instructions so clearly that it seems easy?

Check out Gary’s post here – full instructions on how to make your own AND a full video tutorial too.  Can’t get any more in depth training than that!

Who is going to make a Mickey lamp for their house?

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