Pixie Dust Fan Disney Podcast Episode 65

Would You Rather – The Hardest “Would You Rather” Quiz A True Disneyland Fan Could Ever Take

Would you rather?

Carrie and Francine are taking a BuzzFeed quiz that is titled “The Hardest “Would You Rather” Quiz A True Disneyland Fan Could Ever Take” .  In this episode they share the ‘why’ behind their answers to all 13 questions.

The questions to “Would you rather”

  1. Never ride Splash Mountain again? Or never ride Space Mountain again?
  2. Have fastpasses to every single ride for a month? Or membership to Club 33 for a month?
  3. Get tangled in a bunch of Mickey balloons in front of your crush? Or trip over the Disneyland trolley tracks three times in front of your ex?
  4. Attend an amazing Halloween party inside Haunted Mansion? Or attend an amazing Christmas party inside Haunted Mansion Holiday?
  5. Eat Mickey beignets every day for breakfast? Or eat Disneyland corn dogs every day for dinner?
  6. Spend a day at Disneyland in the pouring rain? Or spend a day at Disneyland in 100-degree heat?
  7. Get stuck on It’s a Small World for thirty minutes with the song on loop? Or get stuck on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride for twenty minutes during the hell scene?
  8. The park permanently run out of churros? Or permanently run out of turkey legs?
  9. Have a one-time totally free shopping spree at any shop on Main Street?  Or never have to wait in line for the tram again?
  10. Have an overnight campout on Tom Sawyer’s Island? Or a sleepover in Minnie Mouse’s house?
  11. Be followed around the park by the Dapper Dans singing boy band songs? Or have the Disneyland Band follow you around the park playing songs from Frozen?
  12. Disneyland bring back Captain EO for good? Or bring back the People Mover for good?
  13. Travel back in time to 1955 and visit Disneyland on opening day? Or travel forward in time to 2055 and see what Disneyland will be like then?

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Podcast 65 - Would You Rather, the hardest quiz a Disneyland fan could ever take
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