Can you do a character meal solo at Walt Disney World?

Absolutely you can and why not?  Walt Disney World is my favorite place to dine and experience solo!  In fact, sometimes it’s more fun when you’re alone (shhh – don’t tell my friends I said that!).

I travel to Walt Disney World by myself all the time.  The very first time I tried it I was a bit nervous, but I soon got over that.  I realized that no one cared that I was on an attraction by myself or wandering the park alone, they were all too wrapped up in their own stuff.  Soon I was more than comfortable doing a week (or even a month) by myself.

But character dining?  That’s a whole other thing.  I couldn’t figure out why this was such a big deal to me, I mean I had eaten at table service restaraunts alone before, but this just felt ‘different’.  I was nervous and I couldn’t tell you why.

I decided that for my first character meal solo I would do a table service instead of a buffet.  I just couldn’t figure out how it would work to be going to the buffet between characters and did I leave my stuff at the table?  Would they think I had run out on the bill when I was at the buffet?  These are the things my mind ponders.

Thankfully – I got a reservation at Topolinos!  It was perfect – no buffet and I had only been there once before when it first opened so I was anxious to get back and try it again.

Topolinos Dining Reservation Party of 1

Topolino’s Terrace is at Disney’s Riviera Resort.  Located on the top floor, the views are incredible!  While a character breakfast is offered here, in the evenings it’s signature dining featuring elevated French and Italian inspired cuisine.  It really is a beautiful spot.

I arrived at the desk to check in feeling a bit apprehensive.  As I was checking in there was a bit of a crowd hanging around the podium waiting to be seated.  I whispered “reservation for 1 please”.

When they called my name I asked them if I was seated off to the side (oh please don’t let me be in the middle of the floor!) and she said that I was by the window.  Perfect!  I will have something to look out at.  What a view it was, I was looking out over the hotel and the pool.

Once I was seated I started looking at the menu. There was a nice family at the table next to me that were just finishing up their meal.

I ordered my tea and breakfast (I did the two eggs any style) and soon she brought out the pastries.  Oh my gosh… I am by myself, but here is this big bucket of goodness!  Inside there are Croissants, chocolate chip muffins, and apple cake accompanied by strawberry, butter, and chocolate hazelnut spread.

I tried them all – but the croissant with the chocolate was my favorite (of course!).

By the time I was eating my pastries I had forgotten I was alone.  I was watching the characters interact at the other end of the restaraunt, I was focused on my food and the gorgeous view out of the window.  It was then that I realized that this was no different than anywhere else.  No one cared that I was alone, in fact I don’t think anyone even noticed.  They were all so busy doing their own thing and enjoying themselves that I wasn’t even a blip on their radar.  Funny how nervous we get about these things and realize pretty quickly they they really are no big deal!

As the characters came to my table they were so fun and gave me the full experience.  Daisy was first and she did a little pose before we got a selfie together.  I had a good giggle trying to get us both in the picture.

Next came Minnie and I was getting the hang of the character selfies!  While I cut her ear out of the pic – it worked!

Selfie with Minnie at Topolinos

As Minnie and I were taking our selfie together – one of the cast members came and offered to take our picture together.  How nice – now I have a full picture of Minnie and I!

After my photo op with Daisy and Minnie my breakfast arrived.  It was a good meal and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

There’s something about bacon on vacation isn’t there?  While I was eating the characters stopped visiting tables and did their ‘dance’ around the restaraunt.  It’s so unbelievably cute and they really put on a show.  Donald and Daisy had a whole ‘act’ that they did after where Daisy was acting jealous of Donald taking pictures with the guests.  It was so cute and so funny that I found myself laughing out loud.  I was completely immersed in the experience – again, not caring I was alone.

Next up Donald came to see me and I had him pose for a pic before our selfie – I just love the outfits that they wear here.

Last but not least, Mickey arrived at my table.  By this time there was a new family seated next to me and the father was so kind, he jumped up to offer to take the picture for me which I appreciated. 

I would have been ok (and fully expected) to do selfies with the characters, but I did appreciate the people who helped me get the full pictures.  

I have to say – I enjoyed every minute of that breakfast ALONE.  I think I’m brave enough to even do a buffet now, I mean why not?  I had fun, I laughed and felt that Disney magic just the same as I would had I been with a group of people.  That’s the beauty of Disney, you can enjoy it as a group or solo – it’s whatever YOU make of your vacation!

My friend Katie does Disney solo all the time too – we talked about it on Podcast episode 197 where she shared some of her tips to being in Disney solo.

Would you do a character meal alone?  Which one would you like to try??

Character dining alone in Walt Disney World
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