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When sailing with Disney Cruise Line, I like to make sure my itineraries are such that I get to visit Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island in the Bahamas. I have rented a cabana at Serenity Bay a few times, and I have to say… it’s spectacular.

Here are 5 reasons you should consider renting one:

  1. Fridge

Each cabana comes equipped with a mini fridge. Inside you will find pop, water and fruit – all included in the rental. Also inside are some cold towels that are wonderful for patting down your face to cool off in the hot sun. Bags of chips are also included, just not in the fridge.

  1. Safe

Having a safe nearby just makes everything easier. While it’s never been a problem on the beach for me, it was nice to have somewhere to lock up my cameras, stateroom key and ID while I was in the water.

  1. Cabana Host

A cabana host that is only a ‘buzz’ away is awesome! There’s a button on the wall, if you need the fridge restocked or a lift to lunch – justpush the button. If you need some alcoholic beverages from the bar, they’ll bring you those too! These guys are great and work really hard, we make sure to tip them at the end of the day.

  1. Shade & Sunscreen

There are plenty of umbrellas on the beach, but having your own little ‘hut’ with comfy chairs is a great place to get out of the sun. It’s also some welcome shelter if there is an afternoon shower. With the cabana you also get a selection of sunscreen included – make sure you put it on!

  1. Toys

Rafts and floats are included along with a hammock next to your cabana. I must admit, the hammock was more difficult to get in to than I thought!

Renting a cabana at Castaway Cay has been a luxury we have splurged on a few times. We love the convenience and all of the things I’ve listed above, but I won’t be renting one on my next cruise. There is only one reason not to rent a cabana and that’s price. At $798 on the family beach and $493 on the adult beach, it’s a little too much to splurge when it’s just my sister and I. I can think of some other goodies to buy in the shops on board where that $500 could go a long way!

If you’re looking for ways to splurge, concierge may be for you!

Check out our video below for a tour.  Would you rent one of these?


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