Disney Cruise StackPlanning a Disney Cruise is an exciting time, but it’s important you don’t overlook the finer details in that plan!  While I know that some travellers will say ‘of course’ when they read this, I can tell you that I have heard a lot of experienced cruisers who have made some of these mistakes.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Here are the 5 things you NEED to know before you sail.

1.  Proper Documentation.

You MUST have all of the documentation required to sail.  When in doubt – more is better.  I have read a few posts lately of people planning their cruise, asking their Facebook Group what identification is needed and showing up at the port without the right stuff.  Guess what?  No cruise for them… and their Facebook Group couldn’t help them.

Visit Disney’s site – read it thoroughly.  Cruise security is like Airport security – they don’t ‘overlook’ things.

I know you don’t want to consider it, but if you are sick or injured while on the cruise, you may not be permitted to fly without a passport.  While you *may* be on a cruise that does not require you to have a passport – it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Avoid the hassle – have a passport.


2.  Know what can you bring on board.

Sounds simple and common sense, no guns, no bicycles, no underwater scooters (that’s a thing?), but not all things prohibited are common knowledge.  Did you know you are not permitted to bring an extension cord on board?  Heating pads and musical instruments aren’t allowed either.  Make sure you check Disney’s page of permitted items before you pack your suitcase.  I’m not listing them all here as they can change at any time – but you can find the official list here.

Disney Cruise extension cord

3.  Make sure you have the proper currency for where you’re going.

On board all charges are in US Dollars.  However, you need to be prepared for the ports you visit and what currency they accept.   You also need to notify your credit card company before you travel if there’s a chance they might flag it for unusual activity.

4.  Departure Times.

Cruise ships wait for no one.  It’s imperative that you book your arrival time at the port with plenty of buffer for unforeseen issues.  Flight delays or traffic can cause you to miss your sailing.  When booking your port adventures, it’s the same rule – make sure you have PLENTY of time to get back to the ship after your adventure.  I think we’ve all seen the video of the couple running down the dock as their ship sails away.

Woody Pixar Apple Watch

5.  Contact information while on board.

It’s never a fun thought, but if you have people at home that may need to reach you while you’re sailing, it’s important to provide them the contact information before you sail.  When you receive your booklet from Disney Cruise Line, there are cards inside with instructions on how to reach you.

While most of these things are not the ‘fun’ side of planning your cruise, they are a necessity.   Once you’ve dealt with all of this stuff – you can enjoy your magical Disney Cruise!

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Have I missed anything you think is important?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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